Frank Stronghorse

Looking Inward and Looking Outward

August 19, 2017

Self Respect

Self-Responsibility & Self-Accountability

by Frank Stronghorse


As the planet continues to shift in its own conscious vibration, so shall the humans find that they also must change and embrace this new energetic paradigm and environment. After 2012 there will be more questions than answers as mankind finds itself surrounded with an alternative world perspective and environment to which he must adapt. There are two key elements in the human that must be refined for mankind to make this very serious jump in consciousness.


Self-Responsibility and Self-Accountability are perhaps the two most important self development aspects of the human which will become necessary for everyone to integrate as we move into the approaching new world, or what some are calling The Fifth World. They will, perhaps, be the two most important aspects of being human that we will have to integrate on a level never before considered.

The primary aspect of this new world or Fifth World is the evolution of the human species out of a dominate obsession with their animal nature and into a more aware state of consciousness of what being human is actually about. Before one can begin to explore an expanded awareness of being human, one must incorporate a sense of knowing of both the physical nature of man and the spiritual nature of man. I refer to both of these human characteristics from a energy perspective. The physical nature of man is primarily concerned with survival adaptability and serving the ego’s sense of self through material accumulation…or solid, measurable energy manifestations. The spiritual nature of man is more concerned with the evolution of the soul towards a more concise application of one’s expanded sense of self into the God consciousness of all energy….a journey into the unknown of immeasurable energetic manifestations.


Self-responsibility and self-accountability are applicable to both of these human characteristics. From a physical perspective, one must stand accountability for one’s own “footprint” on the planet and how this “footprint” affects one’s happiness, health, humor, and honesty…as well as the same in both other humans, other children of Mother Earth (plant, animal, mineral, human), and Mother Earth herself. We must move away from the objective attitude and approach towards our planet and all of her children and create a subjective interactive approach which enhances all life instead of diminishing all life. From a spiritual perspective, one must develop self-responsibility and self-accountability by developing a heightened sense of awareness of energy as it presents itself to you in the moment. This is the core essence of becoming the caretakers of the planet. We must learn to separate domination from dominion and understand the differences. One who practices domination has no sense of responsibility or accountability for the energy in the moment. One who practices dominion is keenly aware of both their energy in the moment as well as the energy in the environment within which they currently occupy. The key to developing this keen sense is the development of one’s second attention.


Second attention is that part of one’s consciousness which is not occupied with dealing with the physical aspects of survival. That is the first attention. When you are driving, your first attention is working to make sure you don’t drive into a wall. The second attention is working to keep you alert to the unknown. If you have ever experienced a close call while driving and managed to avoid it, that was your second attention calling forth the first attention so you could take corrective action. The use of second attention allows you to see, hear, feel, and intuitively respond to energy in the moment. The first attention is how you respond.


Developing a full awareness of self-responsibility and self-accountability is a huge task that usually spins out the person attempting to understand these important human qualities. Quite often, when one is confronted with questions about their self-responsibility and self-accountability, they tend to fly off on emotional triads against whoever is posing the questions and attempt to divert the conversation away from anything to do with self-responsibility and self-accountability. Generally speaking, this will create an attempt to place guilt, blame and shame on the person challenging them which is really a cry for help. Why? Because all empowerment and beauty, as well as all disempowerment and ugliness, are outcomes of how this energy is managed.

Because we have been “shepherded” into thinking that we are all powerless victims in the clutches of our image makers (social, political, economic, and religious image makers), we have surrendered all, if not most, of our individual power to these self appointed “rulers”. We are led to believe that all of our power is invested in and manifested from a physical aspect of our human construct. If the physical construct can be manipulated, then the dependent humans can also be manipulated. However, the power of our soul is completely left out of this equation because there is no power on the planet or the Universe that can overcome an army of pure souls!! The elite know that the rise of individual soul power would lead to the destabilization of many of their institutions, or certainly challenge them to change, which rely on our victim weaknesses to survive. In order to turn the tide of this conundrum we must seek a deeper understanding of self-responsibility and self-accountability.


To begin with, self-responsibility and self-accountability has nothing to do with how one meets the expectations of others. That is usually called responsibility to others and accountability to others. The use of the term “self” refers to one’s own internal energy matrix and how one manages these internal energetic expressions. The degree of understanding of self-responsibility and self-accountability and how this is applied in the world is a self measure of one’s spiritual maturity. This self measure is based upon how present one is in the moment with the energy that is presenting itself to you in that moment. Unless one can accurately read the energy that is presenting itself in the moment and, through benevolent compassion, consciously take action to empower that moment and beautify that moment so that it can do the same to the next moment and the next and the next, then one is not totally in self-responsibility and self-accountability. Often, and any quality healers will immediately know this, the energy that is presenting itself to you in the moment may be quite different than the words and/or intentions of the person or thing that is presenting the energy expression. The energy of spirit can be quite different from the interpretations of the human. Therefore, one must “read between the lines” and/or focus one’s attention outside of the energy being projected and/or justified to you from another by consciously activating the second attention.


If one is acting out of like/dislike, pretense/agenda, love/unloved, right/wrong, male/female or any other measure of one against the other, then that person is only partially present. If one is constantly cynical, judgmental, or applying any of the other dark arrows (attachments, dependencies, judgements, comparisons, expectations, needy child syndrome, ego-self importance) to others and/or the collective, they are substituting pretense and/or attempting to justify an agenda, whether overt or covert, for present awareness. None of these examples lead to healing and often, even with the most sincere of intentions, increases separation and increases the dysfunctional programing in all aspects of the collective. If one attempts to cover up these attitudes and approaches with the supposition that one is “serving God”, or some other higher source, and therefore “anything goes”, then this is hypocritical and the height of pretense. One cannot attempt to explain one’s own unwillingness to own up to one’s own lack of awareness of energy presence by claiming that all is within the plan of God and therefore valid. This is simply a shirk of self-responsibility and self-accountability. This is also the function and purpose of dogma which has been specifically designed to keep the human focused solely on first attention.


As the world is presently going through its own changes, a high degree of polarization is developing in the social matrix of all countries. These natural changes, including the Earth Changes, are a function of breaking down all the old paradigms which have not served either the physical nature of man nor the spiritual nature of man. If we are all suppose to develop a higher level of awareness as to what being human is actually all about, the institutions and social matrixes that have kept us in bondage and away from this critical aspect of our individual and collective evolution will have to be either dispersed or changed. Diversity must move away from a cause of separation and into a driver wheel of wholeness. Racism and discrimination, political discourse and confrontation, gender competition and domination, environmental abusive behaviors and unconscious association with the Earth, religious and spiritual dogmatic justifications for “salvation”, militaristic obsession and mis-applied resources, sexual depravation and sacred sexuality ignorance, plus a host of other social human dysfunctional-isms, must be abandoned in favor of a single focus on becoming a more well-rounded and aware human being. Central to this shift in human consciousness is the need to fully embrace and develop self-responsibility and self-accountability on a level never before witnesses on this planet…in the physical and spiritual nature of man.


My teacher, Thunder Strikes, tells the story when he and Grandfather Two Bears , his teacher, were out in the Arizona sun shoveling coal all day. I think that Grandfather was 80-something and Thunder Strikes was 40-something. Thunder Strikes says that he’s barely hanging in there but isn’t going to let this old Navajo Medicine Man get the best of him. Then in late afternoon, Grandfather gets a call that requires him to come to the hospital in Kenyeta, AZ. to do a healing on a Navajo boy. Thunder Strikes says that they are there in ceremony almost all night. Thunder Strikes cannot believe how this 80-something Navajo man can keep going at a rate that Thunder Strikes, a Hall of Fame Martial Artist, can barely sustain. Later, he finally ask Grandfather how he could possibly stay so physically present throughout such demanding work. Grandfather tells him that he can because “he wants to”. He explained to Thunder Strikes that he integrates the energy of each moment through sheer exhilaration of his own excellence within himself and his life. He is exchanging energy with each moment and benefiting from the exchange. Therefore, as he empowers and beautifies each moment and the energy that is presenting itself to him, he is receiving the same back in the exchange. This is why it is vitally important that all humans understand the full charge and responsibility around the exchange of energy. Spirit is acknowledging and working with him because he is in service to each moment and to Spirit. This is the essence of self-responsibility and self-accountability by being totally present in the moment with spiritual and physical energy. Grandfather Two Bears was a master at managing his internal energy. This attitude and approach transcends any ideology or theology. It is a self measure of one’s own spiritual maturity in no uncertain terms. He ask nothing of anyone else and he gives without the expectation of return because he has matured to a level that allows him to gain from the moment and maintain and sustain a passion for life that goes beyond any pretense or agenda. He does this if he is shoveling coal, studying for a test, writing a paper, cleaning the house, working on healings or whatever. This is what Thunder Strikes calls “The Eye of the Tiger” and it is the essence of being human. Watch a tiger in the wild and you will see what being present in the moment is all about. The difference between the animal world and the human world is that the animals must exist in the moment in order to survive to the next moment. The human must exist in the moment in order to bless and beautify the moment and the next moment and so forth. This is the gift of the soul and is called “spiritual determination”.


Spiritual determination, as defined by both the physical and spiritual characteristics of the human, will become primary in fashioning the future of this planet. Individual and collective self-responsibility and self-accountability will become the foundations upon which spiritual determination is built. No longer can we afford to argue and define the future through the lenses of the past. Yes, a lot of mistakes have been made by all races, cultures, and social configurations as we have climbed the early stages of our learning curve, but we must let go of the past in order to develop the inner sensitivity to meet the present. Unless we can become sensitive to the energy that is presenting itself to us in the moment, we will not be able to find that spiritual connection to our inner nature and our outer Heavenly Host spirit guides which will become vital in the Fifth World.


As we move into the Fifth World, all the old paradigms that foster separation from present moment self-responsibility and self-accountability are going to break down. This is why you see such polarization occurring in the world today. The systems are going to have to reach a point of maximum stress before they break down. Those who cling to any aspects of the old paradigms are going to find the energy present on the planet in the Fifth World very different and difficult to acclimate towards. The days of attempting to explain away one’s own predisposition towards self pity and self importance through old paradigm ideologies and theologies are numbered. God and the Spirit World are done with the dogma and the re-hashed ancient proclamations which seek to explain everything under the sun except present moment awareness. Co-creation with God and the spirit world depend upon the attitude and approach that Grandfather Two Bears demonstrated to Thunder Strikes. Co-creation is not found in text and allegiance to dogmatic traditions. Co-creation is found in the awareness of the present moment energy that is presenting itself to the human and seeking an alliance into which free will is directed towards beautification and empowerment.


The world is full of performers. Actors and Actresses who cling to philosophies and beliefs upon which their performance is based. Generally speaking, they will point towards God, Allah, the Creator, or however His name is phrased, as their Director and therefore anything in the performance becomes justified because it has been choreographed by God. These are the words of God! This is how God expects us to behave! God spoke to me and told me this and told me that! This is God’s plan! If any of these people demonstrated the willingness to be present in the moment with the energy that was being presented to them through a highly refined sense of their second attention, then these arguments and performances might be worthy of consideration. But, because they have not developed this critical aspect of being human and steadfastly remain focused solely on first attention, then they project their own interpretation of their beliefs and philosophies upon others out of the need to justify their own value of self, which is generally rooted in self pity and self importance. In their denial of self-responsibility and self-accountability, they cling to the mental and emotional internal sense of self righteousness and express indignation towards others who will not see the “light” of their chosen beliefs. They have no awareness of co-creation because they have no sense of the mutually beneficial energy creation when merging their energy with nature and/or another. The ancient interpretation of the “good red road” dealt solely with the ability to develop the internal feminine receptivity to nature. This co-creative balance with nature taught them how to co-create with other humans. No philosophy or belief of mental and emotional self-responsibility and accountability could trump this vital link to becoming a human. This is the problematic root cause of all paths which seek to dilute the importance of the feminine gender/energy. They have no point of reference in their mental and emotional internal matrix that shows them the importance of having co-creation. Therefore, without co-creation and the ability to merge their energy with the energy being presented in the moment, they are forced to rely on the words of another to fashion behavioral patterns that seek to justify their self perceived value of identity. Any attempt to point this out to any of these “physically obsessed ones” usually leads to personal attacks against the “other” because those being challenged do not have adequate points of reference to understand the importance of co-creation. Because of these lack of points of reference about how to become present with energy in the moment, there are no questions and no answers to guide these ones.


Any discussions and/or challenges to their beliefs and philosophies are immediately translated into their only point of references, which are usually based upon past data and experiences in their studies and/or spiritual paths. Since these data banks and past experiences do not include the teaching of how to actively engage with energy with self-responsibility and self-accountability, or if the teachings do include these teachings, but are not practiced by the adept, then they are simply left with no alternative way of understanding this vital aspect of being a human.


The only true value of self is measured in the ability to be present in the moment and align with the energy being presented in order to empower and beautify it. A false value of self is defined by an inability to actively practice the empowerment and beautification of each moment to the next. This critical point of reference, the lack of self-responsibility and self-accountability, is the root cause of racism, discrimination, separation of religious and spiritual paths, competition between genders, etc. etc. Anything outside of this critical aspect of self-responsibility and self-accountability results in a loss of energy instead of a gain of energy and thus the person becomes weak and tired. This accentuates one’s self-pity and self-importance and thus the performance cycle begins again. They re-invest in the performance and attempt to substitute their pretenses and agendas for the denial of their performance cycle and thus Mother Earth, self, life, and others end up paying the price for their performances.


Where I see this especially playing out is in the sexual arena. How many sexual partners can you honestly say you have been with who were totally present in the moment? By totally present, I am referring to the ability to shift attention to the energy that was being presented in the moment instead of performing as they think that they are suppose to perform in the sexual session. When you can shift your attention to the energy that is being presented in the moment, the co-created energy, the sexual union shifts from physical to spiritual. The energy then takes over and both partners are carried away in a passionate movement that is neither choreographed nor planned. There are no expectations, pretenses, agendas, or political correctiveness present in the sexual union on any level. No one has anything to prove nor any need to control or dominate because the co-creation of the sexual energy within the dance itself has a value beyond any performance that any one can possibly imagine. When you are performing, whether in life or in the sexual union, you are not catalyzing anything…not your spirit, not your relationship with God, not with your heart, not with true love, not with anything of true value. You are living in a false illusion of self pity and self importance that provides a diluted, false sense of self rooted in a shallow dogmatic old paradigm tradition that has no value to anyone or anything other than your ego.


We are entering a phase of self development of planet Earth that has been prophesied for thousands of years. (See the Prophecy of the Seven Fires) The Eighth Fire WILL arrive, but the length of time and the depth of its penetration into the consciousness of man is directly related to our willingness and ability to integrate our second attention into our consciousness so that we can experience a vitality of engagement with this arriving spiritual energy presence. We will no longer be allowed to build bridges to the future built out of the imprinting of our failures in our past. We have learned what NOT to do and now we must learn exactly what TO DO!!! Never before has mankind been offered the opportunity to make and take a sudden turn from bad to exceptional in their human experience. All of the tools, road maps, blueprints, leadership and individual internal energy matrix designs are being delivered to this planet as we speak. Will we grasp this opportunity, or turn away?