Frank Stronghorse

Looking Inward and Looking Outward

March 15, 2018

Phoenix Rising Fake News 3-15-18

*** Breaking News:  Phoenix Rising Fake News has obtained this exclusive tape from TNC on a Rush Limbaugh dinner last night at the five-star restaurant Providence. Rush Limbaugh was apparently entertaining friends when he began raging about the current state of his political world-view. “The greatest philosopher of the 20th or 21st century, whatever, was P. T. Barnum. This country is run by us, the entertainers, not the politicians. They come to us because we run the show. You wouldn’t believe who has tried to kiss my ass. This country has always been about entertainment. It’s who we are and I’m the main attraction. I give them exactly what they want to hear and my entertainment allows them to escape from their miserable, pathetic lives for a short time. We hold out the carrot and they pay to chase the dream. It’s not my problem if they take it seriously. Right? The entertainment game, whether you’re talking about television, movies, or whatever, is all about letting the poor suckers feel important for another day. Whether its being a super hero with supernatural powers or one of the Rush Limbaugh cadets, we exist to let them feel and imagine something other than their measly lives. Hell, I should be the pope. I give them what they want everyday and get handsomely paid for it I might add. Why do you think Trump was actually able to get elected President? We entertain, period.”