Frank Stronghorse

Looking Inward and Looking Outward

February 21, 2018

Phoenix Rising Fake News 2-12-18

February 12, 2018:


            ** Recent scientific data shows that when guys wear the same underwear and “T” Shirts for more than three days running, they increase their life span by an additional ten years. Also, their spiritual essence is anchored into their first charka in a more fanatical way.


            ** It just may be possible that the show “Ancient Aliens” could possibly be, in what might be best described as, just perhaps, maybe this could be another example

of a “what if” moment that the ancient aliens among us really don’t want us to understand.


            ** Prominent channelers and seers are reporting that mass migrations of egos have started leaving a majority of humans in the United States and are beginning to congregate in the Washington D. C. area in a magnetic idol that lives in a large White House.  News analysis at Wolf Eyes Fake News are unable to get a response to this report from our Washington bureau or the Associated Press. Suspecting a massive coverup of egotistical proportions, our staff is committed to a continuing coverage of this important development.