Frank Stronghorse

Looking Inward and Looking Outward

February 14, 2018

Mammonite Agenda excerpt


The Mammonite Agenda

by Frank Stronghorse

© All Rights Reserved

from Chapter 12: The State of Grace

Before we can tap into the State of Grace, thereby becoming our own judge regarding the validity of His presence, we must break the hold that the “muddy water of consciousness” has upon us. Here we must once again refer back to the process of purification. Before we can tap into the constructive source of Grace, we must remove the dependency upon negative, self-sabotaging energies. We created the “muddy waters” and it is our charge to clear up these “waters.” This responsibility is the “trade off” for granting us the gift of freewill.

Finding His Grace is the focus of a conscious pursuit of an active imagination and the enduring commitment to “holding this space.” Grace is not a passive event of a rational mind. Engagement requires active participation, not objective observation. Too many teachers of spiritual and/or religious teachings talk about living in Grace, but few actually demonstrate the steps necessary to pursue this living energy by taping into the multidimensional levels of consciousness in this parallel Universe. Living in Grace isn’t just about being nice and demonstrating a moral allegiance to God. Living in Grace requires the training of the mind via a refocusing of one’s attentions toward the Sacred Mind of the human and then into the Sacred Mind of the Creator. Finding Grace requires the conscious effort to project your consciousness out and into your Creator. This happens by following that stream of consciousness with your unbending attention to its completion and welcoming it back into your body with an open heart—the unconditional love of your Father down and into the cellular level.

Before one can accomplish this feat, finding one’s Sacred Mind requires a purification process to clear the brain/mind, the spirit/energy body, and the physical body of the internal dialogues of denial and contempt that keep these energies in chaos. Unless we clear these energies of our wounded past we find that our Sacred Mind cannot focus itself with clarity and purpose toward the Sacred Mind of the Creator because the energies blocking this connection, like static on a radio station prevent us from clearly making this connection. We are unable to hold our attentions in focus for a sufficient time (holding the space) and on a sufficient timeline to command His presence. Without a clear, doubt free connection we easily lose interest and motivation for finding this elusive connection to His Grace.

When you learn to focus your attention upon His Grace an energetic connection ignites a warm, blissful feeling all over your body. If you can learn to hold this energetic connection on a consistent level you enter into a state of ecstasy. The world around you starts to feed your energetic ecstasy and you find yourself living in a state of perfect and purposeful harmonic bliss with The Flow. Life takes on a meaning and purpose beyond anything that most human Mammonite dominated imaginations can even consider as plausible or possible.

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