Frank Stronghorse

Looking Inward and Looking Outward

February 14, 2018

My Journey into the Infinite excerpt

My Journey into the Infinite

by Frank Stronghorse

© All Rights Reserved

from The Introduction

I drove home that night pretty freaked out at what had happened in that lodge, but also aware that something unknown had changed inside of me. I really couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but I knew that something was different and more peaceful. I returned to the workshop the next day and felt a comfort with the people, the Naqual guy, and the teachings. It seemed that I was meant to be there much more than it did the previous day. We concluded the workshop and I was actually happy that I had attended.

On the way back to my apartment in Dallas, I received what was later described to me as “the knock of the spirit.” As I drove home, recounting the events of the weekend, a very clear and concise voice said to me, “You have found that which you have been searching for.” Although I had not consciously been searching for anything prior to coming to the workshop, I was immediately touched on a very deep level by the message. I suddenly found myself uncontrollably sobbing. I must have cried for thirty minutes straight as I drove down the interstate. I walked into my apartment. My girlfriend, who was totally aghast that I was attending some type of hippie/cult workshop, and who had never seen me cry before, really freaked out at the sight of me in tears. “Oh my God,” she screamed, “what’s wrong?” I looked at her with probably the most loving look I ever gave her in the long relationship we eventually had and said, “Absolutely nothing. Everything is perfect.” She backed away and looked at me as if I were totally possessed. Maybe I was . . . in a good way.

I had no words to describe the feeling I had at that moment and probably would fight to adequately find the words today. However, there really aren’t any words to describe the indescribable. Sometimes when the words escape you, it is time to just enjoy what you are experiencing without words. Words can sometimes crowd out the pleasures of just letting your spirit experience the energy that is presenting itself to you in the moment. When you enter into a state of total perfection within Divine presence, something that is often referred to as the “I AM” and is sourced by merging your spirit self into fifth dimension, as I had done in the sweat lodge, you don’t need to describe it. I have tried over the years to describe it to others, but my efforts usually fall on deaf ears. It is very difficult to describe a fifth dimension experience to anyone who has not engaged with this energy of the spirit world. If anyone had described to me the experience that I was going to have in the sweat lodge, prior to actually going in, I guarantee you that I would never have gone to the workshop. My doubt and suspicions about these “weird” workshops and “spiritual what-evers” would have quickly convinced me to totally ignore it.

When you first engage with Divine essence, it is a completely unique experience to you as your soul and spirit are different from everyone else’s. This is something that is totally private and totally precious to you and you alone. When you get there, and you will eventually get there, either on this side or the other, the synergy of the moment is so fulfilling that nothing can possibly be wrong with anything. Death, whether a mini-death in this lifetime which brings change, or death-death which also brings change but also takes away the physical body, expands the consciousness. It does not eradicate it. Rather, it expands it. The realization of the perfection of everything as you re-engage with your spirit/soul is overwhelming. There are countless stories of people having returned from a Death-Death experience and recounted the beauty and sense of belonging that they experienced. Some express a sadness that they had to leave. Others express their complete fearlessness of Death-Death. The secret here is that you don’t need to step into Death-Death to experience the same energy. You have to accept, acknowledge, and develop your soul’s knowing of itself. There will be plenty of small deaths along the way as your ego relinquishes control to your soul/spirit, but that is just part of the process of respecting that to which you have attained.

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