Frank Stronghorse

Looking Inward and Looking Outward

Searching for the Soul of Tech


“You cannot hope to be found until you realize you are lost.”

          The introduction of massive amounts of technology over a relative short timeline has created social constructs that we are only barely able to understand much less address in current times. Herein is a presentation that seeks to provide answers to these questions and provide a guideline for making substantive changes in our social structures to both understand and address these problems, both as they exist now and as they will persist in the future.

The industrial revolution has provided mankind with safety and security, as well as covertly imperiled the individual and collective survival ability. Technology is racing to solve this problem, but it cannot solve the problem alone. We must reach back into ancient history and pull forth the lessons of early man with respect to their relationship to the earth. History needs to stop repeating itself, especially in a destructive manner never previously seen on earth.



The introduction of Artificial Intelligence, without serious consideration of the nature of Organic Intelligence (Natural Intelligence of Place or Genus Loci), has left a void in the human spirit that man has tried to conquer and leverage through a false narrative of an ownership form of government. Addressing this void in the human spirit should be priority number one in everyone’s lives.”   

Guy Gilleshammer aka Lone Eagle ThM 

Renewal Wisdom Trails Cosmology, Moab, Utah

As science continues to discover new relationships in the field of quantum physics and applied science, many of the traditions of the indigenous people and ancient civilizations are proving to be vastly more effective than ever realized by the Western World. It is man’s relationship with Organic Intelligence that facilitates this cause/effect relationship between us and the universe. Every moment we grow closer to a syncretic relationship between the ancient and the present.” 

Oakwalker, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, Austin, Texas

In “Searching for the Soul of Tech”, Stronghorse clearly lays out the issues facing humanity, their causes and inherent risk to our species’ systemic identity crisis. Our growing identity crisis as spiritual beings continues to challenge our individual and collective sense of what it takes to be a human being. Stronghorse offers up a clear and concise formula for us to shift our internal paradigm towards a more enlightened sense of community and shared purpose as humans approaching wholeness. Until we grasp a cognitive understanding of the differences between Organic Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, we will continue to suffer from the self manufactured chaos of our collective destiny. 

Blake B., Austin, Texas