Frank Stronghorse

Looking Inward and Looking Outward

August 19, 2017

Flowering Tree Ceremony

Flowering Tree Ceremony

(aka Talking Tree)

by Frank Stronghorse


This ceremony is designed for the apprentice to learn the art of the “give away” and to find his/her connection to nature through the development of the inner “voice” with nature. One must find the Voice of the Mother and ask for guidance.

1) Pick a location in nature where you can not be disturbed or the interaction with other humans is lessen. Go to this place and silently ask for Mother Earth to guide you to a tree who is willing to work with you. Begin walking and watch for a particular tree to catch your attention. Approach this tree and offer it tobacco or corn meal and ask it with respect to work with you.

2) Figure out the four directions. (S-W-N-E) Begin the ceremony by sitting in the South with your back to the tree and your head against the trunk. Place your left hand on the ground and your right hand on your one point (located a few inches below the navel). Ask the tree: Who am I? Sit quietly and listen. Do not judge what you hear, just quietly listen. When you feel complete, move to the West and ask: Where did I come from?
Again, remain quiet and respectful. When you feel complete, move to the North and ask: Why am I here? When you feel complete, move to the East and ask: Where am I going? What is my path with heart?

3) At any point in any of these directions, if you feel a blocks or any negative emotions state very intently: “I give _________ away.” Continue to do this until you feel complete. You may have several in one direction or none in any directions. The next time you do the ceremony, this may totally change. The point is to use this ceremony to clear yourself and gain clarity. The tree understands this better than you and will assist.

4) At the end of the ceremony, stand facing the tree and again offer it tobacco or corn meal and offer your heartfelt thanks. If you feel the need to return to any of the directions, do so. Leave and return to your starting place.

Repeat this ceremony as needed.