Frank Stronghorse

Looking Inward and Looking Outward

February 14, 2018

The Mammonite Agenda mobi

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The Mammonite Agenda

by Frank Stronghorse

All of us have become locked into a ridged system of perception. As I shall attempt to prove, this mindset inhibits the freedom to break through into alternative planes of truth and other worlds of perception that would catapult us into a more hopeful, healthy, happy, humorous, and harmonious future. Identifying this rigid system and becoming aware of the burdens that it imposes upon the entire world is the true thrust of this work. Understanding the problem becomes the first step in creating a solution. Providing a solution to this enormous problem and encouraging the reader to invest his/her energy into applying free will into this program is the hope of my effort.

All structures of growth within this world are layered and programmed by the Creator to force the populous to become aware of, adapt to, and integrate themselves into the different levels of awareness. Therefore, when I state in this work that we are moving out of our adolescence and into our adulthood, spiritually and religiously, I am referring to the different structures of growth that are inherent in this planet. I am reinforcing the notion within the reader that the maturity that these levels of awareness demand before allowing one access to the treasures held within, is a given, regardless of what body of knowledge one is attempting to master. I am suggesting that all levels of growth within the system of change on this planet involve chaotic movement before one has the internal capacity to expand into greater levels of human and spiritual awareness within the totality of the divine plan.

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