Frank Stronghorse

Looking Inward and Looking Outward

February 14, 2018

My Journey into the Infinite mobi

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My Journey into the Infinite

by Frank Stronghorse

   Seeking one’s complete knowing of the soul from a multiple dimensional perspective world-view versus a “locked in” third dimensional, physical reality world-view is a vastly different journey of self realization. In this book, Stronghorse provides the reader with a personal account of his journey into the world of alternative realities from a solid foundation within the “traditional” perspective of a third dimensional world of financial and personal success. As he gingerly steps into a world beyond anything he could have previously imagined, often with humorous consequences, he leads the reader on both a teaching course and a  personal relationship with his failures and successes on this journey. As this journey expands in his awareness,  Stronghorse conveys to the reader a new sense of belonging and a deeper sense of self.  For anyone beginning to consider following a path with heart, for anyone searching for a path of spiritual expansion, and for those who have already traveled upon a path, this book anchors the process of transformation into a story that is easy to identify with on a comfort level. With the approaching shift in human consciousness in 2012, having this colorful description of one man’s quest to find his soul can help those who are struggling to understand the impact of this transformational age and guide them towards a more grounded sense of self.

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