Frank Stronghorse

Looking Inward and Looking Outward

February 14, 2018

The Awakening of Angels epub

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The Awakening of Angels

by Frank Stronghorse

I don’t know how many readers have gone to workshops and/or seminars and heard a Texas cowboy discuss angels, but I suppose there is a first time for everything.

As you read this text, you will encounter a lot of “first time for everything” suggestions. We are entering into a phase of human evolution and Mother Earth evolution, of spiritual maturation, that has never been experienced on this planet before and probably not in this solar system either. Attempting to project events as they will occur during this unique phase entails a lot of risk. When everything that we have known about ourselves, our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, and our Universe, which is extremely limited at best, is about to shift dramatically, the movements described herein will stretch the imagination to the limit.

It will help you understand that what I am describing couldn’t possibly be “made up.” Without the guidance of the various spirit world Council of Elders, with whom I have worked over the last 25 years and who reside in the spirit world, I could never in my wildest imagination concocted the events I describe. These events, and the manner in which I have chosen to describe them, are a result of taking the information from these Council of Elders and then working diligently to validate the information. I never take information gained, both through my various human teachers or my various spiritual teachers, and accept it at face value. The information has to “grow corn.” Knowledge is only as good as it performs. One cannot determine whether or not if it performs unless one is willing to step into the Infinite, or spirit world, seek validation from these sources and experiences, and then apply them in the Finite, or physical world, to see if results are acceptable. The imagination is a wonderful and necessary tool, but eventually you have to take what you have received through this fifth dimensional realm and beyond intuitive medium and prove it up in the third dimension, physical world. Anyone can “talk the talk,” but few can actually “walk the talk.”

Throughout this text, I refer to the Finite world in terms that appear to cast guilt, blame, and shame upon this aspect of our choices of perceptions. This is not my intent. However, it is necessary to point out the failures and pitfalls of this choice of being solely focused on the physical/animal nature of man versus the spiritual/soul nature of man. Until you understand the problem, you cannot fashion a solution. Man’s choice to focus solely on the materialistic Finite world has been one of necessity in order to adapt his soul and spirit/energy body to a physical environment and survive within this environment.

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