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March 15, 2018

Phoenix Rising Fake News 3-15-18

*** Breaking News:  Phoenix Rising Fake News has obtained this exclusive tape from TNC on a Rush Limbaugh dinner last night at the five-star restaurant Providence. Rush Limbaugh was apparently entertaining friends when he began raging about the current state of his political world-view. “The greatest philosopher of the 20th or 21st century, whatever, was P. T. Barnum. This country is run by us, the entertainers, not the politicians. They come to us because we run the show. You wouldn’t believe who has tried to kiss my ass. This country has always been about entertainment. It’s who we are and I’m the main attraction. I give them exactly what they want to hear and my entertainment allows them to escape from their miserable, pathetic lives for a short time. We hold out the carrot and they pay to chase the dream. It’s not my problem if they take it seriously. Right? The entertainment game, whether you’re talking about television, movies, or whatever, is all about letting the poor suckers feel important for another day. Whether its being a super hero with supernatural powers or one of the Rush Limbaugh cadets, we exist to let them feel and imagine something other than their measly lives. Hell, I should be the pope. I give them what they want everyday and get handsomely paid for it I might add. Why do you think Trump was actually able to get elected President? We entertain, period.”

March 10, 2018

Phoenix Rising Fake News 3-10-18

Sources have reported that an agreement between representatives of President Trump and Kim Jong Un have set up a special event in their May summit. A dance-off will be held gangnam style between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. Networks covering this special event are encouraging audiences to tune in immediately for the start of this ceremony.

February 21, 2018

Phoenix Rising Fake News 2-19-18

February 19, 2018: 


            ** Sources report that Associated Press is considering carrying a ground breaking poll which recently was released by a prominent Northeast Ivy League College showing that the main reason that Conservatives seem to be unable to pass any meaningful legislation is due to the fact that they are….well…conservative.  Additionally, these same sources report that Democrats seem to be unable to offer any meaningful results and are waiting on someone else to step forward is because…well. they are democratic.


** Last night in the spirit of national unification and efforts of Unify the Nation (UtN), members of Fox and Friends switched places with members of MSNBC to report each other’s news. Conceding that this effort was a noble effort, unfortunately the members of the MSNBC team dissolved into fits of laughter while wetting themselves on national TV while the members of Fox and Friends wretched into the airline safety bags supplied to them in their welcome gift bags.


** Last night reporters ask the President that in light of recent gun violence against school children, what did he plan to do to address this national problem. The President responded, while polishing the head of his putter, “Yeah, I guess we are going to have to do something about that.”  When pressed for details, the President threatened to have the reporter locked up in county jail for ninety days for contempt.  Then sources report that he turned to one of his supporters and murmured, “Goddamn it, I a strong President, right?”   “Yes sir, Mr. President.” the supporters responded between jockeying for position in front of the television cameras present at the country club.


            ** Sources report that Pope Francis is in talks with the heads of the major churches in America to convene with him in America to demand a solution to the increased violence in the world. On the agenda, sources report, is an enforced mandated slow down of work in late 2018 and 2019 by all church members until legislation is passed to shrink the “defense” budgets of the world powers and a marked decline in the manufacture of arms……ok…..LOL!


            ** The Committee for Independent Scientific Thinking and Family Conservative Values has offered to provide free independent testing to any member of the governing bodies in either the state or national offices by hooking up a gas mask to the backend of a Hummer and allow them to breathe in the vapors to make an independent decision outside of any scientific evidence as to the dangers or non-dangers of car exhaust to humans. So far no takers have responded.


            ** Sources close to the White House have reported that a highly secret memo has been forwarded to the Mueller investigate team offering to negotiate a settlement in the Russian investigation. Sources report that this negotiation will be based upon a complete privately funded re-finance package for all Trump properties either owned or partnered and a complete discharge of any and all criminal charges for anyone named by the President himself and an opened agreement to never file any further charges on the President or his family.


            ** Sources close to the Mueller investigative team have reportedly offered to President Trump and his family a discharge of all criminal indictments if they agree to an extended stay at a plush Siberian condo project in Krasnoyarsk.

February 21, 2018

Phoenix Rising Fake News 2-12-18

February 12, 2018:


            ** Recent scientific data shows that when guys wear the same underwear and “T” Shirts for more than three days running, they increase their life span by an additional ten years. Also, their spiritual essence is anchored into their first charka in a more fanatical way.


            ** It just may be possible that the show “Ancient Aliens” could possibly be, in what might be best described as, just perhaps, maybe this could be another example

of a “what if” moment that the ancient aliens among us really don’t want us to understand.


            ** Prominent channelers and seers are reporting that mass migrations of egos have started leaving a majority of humans in the United States and are beginning to congregate in the Washington D. C. area in a magnetic idol that lives in a large White House.  News analysis at Wolf Eyes Fake News are unable to get a response to this report from our Washington bureau or the Associated Press. Suspecting a massive coverup of egotistical proportions, our staff is committed to a continuing coverage of this important development.

February 14, 2018

The Awakening of Angels excerpt

The Awakening of Angels

by Frank Stronghorse

© All Rights Reserved

taken from Chapter 5:  Streaming with the Stars

This system of remembrance, our ability to reference the past, current, and future states of the old and new world within the parallel universe, will provide guidelines of development which will provide us with the ability to perfectly chart our course within both worlds. Within this new world, the stars will provide us with the cosmic communication via the refreshed plant, animal, and mineral worlds in this parallel universe. Our new level of purified physical and spiritual bodies will provide us with the receptors to these new avenues of communication so that we shall be able to reconnect to the original intent of the Grand Design and re-engage with our authentic self in order to put this plan into effect. The fully functioning nature of our ability to dream, within the Finite world, is in its infant state on this planet. Dreaming will move from some abstract form of memory recall, and occasional controlled dreaming, in the sleep state to an active vehicle of transportation from the known world to other known and unknown worlds with complete intent and forbearance of will. The definition of controlled dreaming will be extended beyond what we now know. In this way, we will have the clear and perfect mirrors of self reflection of this planet of duality at our disposal which will allow us the capability to build upon past mistakes, take proper corrective action in the old and new worlds, and build a civilization which is beyond anything ever imagined or created before in any Universe. As our bodies and souls become refreshed and regenerated, our abilities as true angelic beings will become reborn. I doubt that anyone, here or beyond, has any idea, if both worlds are created on this planet, how long the old world will remain in a state of chaos. Certainly, it will most likely depend upon the willingness of the Finite ones to take drastic action to redeem themselves.

However, since man seems to act decisively when projected into a chaotic situation, then perhaps the process of the Finite ones cleaning up their Karma will be swift. In either case, the streaming with the stars will act as the mainframe of both the new and old worlds. It will be much more readily available to those in the parallel universe, but it will also be available to those who remain in the old world. Certainly, the ones in the old world will not initially have the broadband awareness as those in the parallel universe, but they will eventually have the opportunity to learn from the ambassadors of the parallel universe in order to understand how to realign the old world with the intent of the Grand Design.

Such a drastic action as establishing another world within a parallel universe on this planet will initially spark fear and dread within the hearts, minds, and bodies of the current and future inhabitants of this planet. But, as far as choices for mankind in the future, it beats having to re-experience the total destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria.What will initially be seen as a shocking unexplained disappearance of large numbers of people will eventually be seen as a gift of immeasurable tolerance for the actions of humans outside the Grand Design. We have made so many quantum jumps in our movement toward higher consciousness over our recent history that perhaps the need to establish this parallel universe, “other new world,” will not become necessary in the future. But, according to what I am being told in my work with the Heavenly Host, this plan is already in motion. So, like it or not, perhaps you had better prepare yourself to have your connection to reality changed in the near term.

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February 14, 2018

My Journey into the Infinite excerpt

My Journey into the Infinite

by Frank Stronghorse

© All Rights Reserved

from The Introduction

I drove home that night pretty freaked out at what had happened in that lodge, but also aware that something unknown had changed inside of me. I really couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but I knew that something was different and more peaceful. I returned to the workshop the next day and felt a comfort with the people, the Naqual guy, and the teachings. It seemed that I was meant to be there much more than it did the previous day. We concluded the workshop and I was actually happy that I had attended.

On the way back to my apartment in Dallas, I received what was later described to me as “the knock of the spirit.” As I drove home, recounting the events of the weekend, a very clear and concise voice said to me, “You have found that which you have been searching for.” Although I had not consciously been searching for anything prior to coming to the workshop, I was immediately touched on a very deep level by the message. I suddenly found myself uncontrollably sobbing. I must have cried for thirty minutes straight as I drove down the interstate. I walked into my apartment. My girlfriend, who was totally aghast that I was attending some type of hippie/cult workshop, and who had never seen me cry before, really freaked out at the sight of me in tears. “Oh my God,” she screamed, “what’s wrong?” I looked at her with probably the most loving look I ever gave her in the long relationship we eventually had and said, “Absolutely nothing. Everything is perfect.” She backed away and looked at me as if I were totally possessed. Maybe I was . . . in a good way.

I had no words to describe the feeling I had at that moment and probably would fight to adequately find the words today. However, there really aren’t any words to describe the indescribable. Sometimes when the words escape you, it is time to just enjoy what you are experiencing without words. Words can sometimes crowd out the pleasures of just letting your spirit experience the energy that is presenting itself to you in the moment. When you enter into a state of total perfection within Divine presence, something that is often referred to as the “I AM” and is sourced by merging your spirit self into fifth dimension, as I had done in the sweat lodge, you don’t need to describe it. I have tried over the years to describe it to others, but my efforts usually fall on deaf ears. It is very difficult to describe a fifth dimension experience to anyone who has not engaged with this energy of the spirit world. If anyone had described to me the experience that I was going to have in the sweat lodge, prior to actually going in, I guarantee you that I would never have gone to the workshop. My doubt and suspicions about these “weird” workshops and “spiritual what-evers” would have quickly convinced me to totally ignore it.

When you first engage with Divine essence, it is a completely unique experience to you as your soul and spirit are different from everyone else’s. This is something that is totally private and totally precious to you and you alone. When you get there, and you will eventually get there, either on this side or the other, the synergy of the moment is so fulfilling that nothing can possibly be wrong with anything. Death, whether a mini-death in this lifetime which brings change, or death-death which also brings change but also takes away the physical body, expands the consciousness. It does not eradicate it. Rather, it expands it. The realization of the perfection of everything as you re-engage with your spirit/soul is overwhelming. There are countless stories of people having returned from a Death-Death experience and recounted the beauty and sense of belonging that they experienced. Some express a sadness that they had to leave. Others express their complete fearlessness of Death-Death. The secret here is that you don’t need to step into Death-Death to experience the same energy. You have to accept, acknowledge, and develop your soul’s knowing of itself. There will be plenty of small deaths along the way as your ego relinquishes control to your soul/spirit, but that is just part of the process of respecting that to which you have attained.

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February 14, 2018

Mammonite Agenda excerpt


The Mammonite Agenda

by Frank Stronghorse

© All Rights Reserved

from Chapter 12: The State of Grace

Before we can tap into the State of Grace, thereby becoming our own judge regarding the validity of His presence, we must break the hold that the “muddy water of consciousness” has upon us. Here we must once again refer back to the process of purification. Before we can tap into the constructive source of Grace, we must remove the dependency upon negative, self-sabotaging energies. We created the “muddy waters” and it is our charge to clear up these “waters.” This responsibility is the “trade off” for granting us the gift of freewill.

Finding His Grace is the focus of a conscious pursuit of an active imagination and the enduring commitment to “holding this space.” Grace is not a passive event of a rational mind. Engagement requires active participation, not objective observation. Too many teachers of spiritual and/or religious teachings talk about living in Grace, but few actually demonstrate the steps necessary to pursue this living energy by taping into the multidimensional levels of consciousness in this parallel Universe. Living in Grace isn’t just about being nice and demonstrating a moral allegiance to God. Living in Grace requires the training of the mind via a refocusing of one’s attentions toward the Sacred Mind of the human and then into the Sacred Mind of the Creator. Finding Grace requires the conscious effort to project your consciousness out and into your Creator. This happens by following that stream of consciousness with your unbending attention to its completion and welcoming it back into your body with an open heart—the unconditional love of your Father down and into the cellular level.

Before one can accomplish this feat, finding one’s Sacred Mind requires a purification process to clear the brain/mind, the spirit/energy body, and the physical body of the internal dialogues of denial and contempt that keep these energies in chaos. Unless we clear these energies of our wounded past we find that our Sacred Mind cannot focus itself with clarity and purpose toward the Sacred Mind of the Creator because the energies blocking this connection, like static on a radio station prevent us from clearly making this connection. We are unable to hold our attentions in focus for a sufficient time (holding the space) and on a sufficient timeline to command His presence. Without a clear, doubt free connection we easily lose interest and motivation for finding this elusive connection to His Grace.

When you learn to focus your attention upon His Grace an energetic connection ignites a warm, blissful feeling all over your body. If you can learn to hold this energetic connection on a consistent level you enter into a state of ecstasy. The world around you starts to feed your energetic ecstasy and you find yourself living in a state of perfect and purposeful harmonic bliss with The Flow. Life takes on a meaning and purpose beyond anything that most human Mammonite dominated imaginations can even consider as plausible or possible.

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September 07, 2017

Studio K Interview 2015

Studio K: Frank Stronghorse in conversation with Kestrel Andrus, The rEVOlution Will be Televised

August 19, 2017

NW Wheel of Power Teaching

NW Wheel of Power


Complete PDF Here

August 19, 2017

God, the Creator


by Frank Stronghorse


Certainly there is probably no other topic that enlist such a wide variety of emotional responses than a discussion on what and/or who is God. In a world wherein, for thousands of years, the “anointed” representatives of God have place Him in such an abstract position in relation to the human consciousness, there is no wonder that a discussion about God results in such emotional and varied responses. Perhaps if His presence was to become much more energetically familiar to all of us than has previously been known, a lot of the conflicting dialogue would become mute. And, there is a very good chance that this is closer than you think.