Frank Stronghorse

Looking Inward and Looking Outward

February 14, 2018

The Awakening of Angels excerpt

The Awakening of Angels

by Frank Stronghorse

© All Rights Reserved

taken from Chapter 5:  Streaming with the Stars

This system of remembrance, our ability to reference the past, current, and future states of the old and new world within the parallel universe, will provide guidelines of development which will provide us with the ability to perfectly chart our course within both worlds. Within this new world, the stars will provide us with the cosmic communication via the refreshed plant, animal, and mineral worlds in this parallel universe. Our new level of purified physical and spiritual bodies will provide us with the receptors to these new avenues of communication so that we shall be able to reconnect to the original intent of the Grand Design and re-engage with our authentic self in order to put this plan into effect. The fully functioning nature of our ability to dream, within the Finite world, is in its infant state on this planet. Dreaming will move from some abstract form of memory recall, and occasional controlled dreaming, in the sleep state to an active vehicle of transportation from the known world to other known and unknown worlds with complete intent and forbearance of will. The definition of controlled dreaming will be extended beyond what we now know. In this way, we will have the clear and perfect mirrors of self reflection of this planet of duality at our disposal which will allow us the capability to build upon past mistakes, take proper corrective action in the old and new worlds, and build a civilization which is beyond anything ever imagined or created before in any Universe. As our bodies and souls become refreshed and regenerated, our abilities as true angelic beings will become reborn. I doubt that anyone, here or beyond, has any idea, if both worlds are created on this planet, how long the old world will remain in a state of chaos. Certainly, it will most likely depend upon the willingness of the Finite ones to take drastic action to redeem themselves.

However, since man seems to act decisively when projected into a chaotic situation, then perhaps the process of the Finite ones cleaning up their Karma will be swift. In either case, the streaming with the stars will act as the mainframe of both the new and old worlds. It will be much more readily available to those in the parallel universe, but it will also be available to those who remain in the old world. Certainly, the ones in the old world will not initially have the broadband awareness as those in the parallel universe, but they will eventually have the opportunity to learn from the ambassadors of the parallel universe in order to understand how to realign the old world with the intent of the Grand Design.

Such a drastic action as establishing another world within a parallel universe on this planet will initially spark fear and dread within the hearts, minds, and bodies of the current and future inhabitants of this planet. But, as far as choices for mankind in the future, it beats having to re-experience the total destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria.What will initially be seen as a shocking unexplained disappearance of large numbers of people will eventually be seen as a gift of immeasurable tolerance for the actions of humans outside the Grand Design. We have made so many quantum jumps in our movement toward higher consciousness over our recent history that perhaps the need to establish this parallel universe, “other new world,” will not become necessary in the future. But, according to what I am being told in my work with the Heavenly Host, this plan is already in motion. So, like it or not, perhaps you had better prepare yourself to have your connection to reality changed in the near term.

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