Knowing vs Beliefs

                                     Knowing vs. Beliefs

    by Frank Stronghorse


(/əˌpistəˈmäləjē  noun PHILOSOPHY)  :  the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion.


This text is not a discussion about the differences between “Beliefs” and “Knowledge”. This is an examination of how “Beliefs”, “Knowledge”, and “Knowing” have influenced mankind down through history and how all of that is about to change. Through this examination, it is hoped that the clarity brought forth, in the near and long term, about the future conscious environmental conditions on this planet, will enlighten some. Planet Earth is about to enter into a new paradigm of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual awareness unlike anything ever seen before now. Everything is about to change.

Ancient prophecies predicted it. Indigenous traditions honor it.

Changes within the Earth are affecting your sleep patterns, relationships, the ability to regulate your immune system and your perception of time. You are living a process of initiation that was demonstrated over 2,000 years ago, preparing you to accept tremendous change within your body. That change is happening now.


Awakening to Point Zero by Gregg Braden

What we are about to experience on this planet has been here before; it just hasn’t been here to the degree that it is going to be present in our atmosphere very soon. We are currently experiencing the initial stages and being prepared to accept this new “presence” within all aspects of our human construct. These changes are very unsettling and costly in terms of human suffering and, yes, even death. The ancient ones saw this coming thousands of years ago. They saw it coming and formulated prophecies because they had “Knowing”. Knowing is a result of an environmental conscious awareness that engages every sensory aspect of the human construct. Understanding the concept of Knowing versus Beliefs will, I hope, assist mankind in welcoming this new phase of human evolution onto the planet.

This is a discussion about the differences between Beliefs and Knowing from the “inside looking out” instead of the “outside looking in”. The differences between these two human psychological and philosophical disciplines and human / spiritual constructs are being presented as a means of gaining an understanding about what is transpiring on the planet over the coming decades. I am not writing this with any particular expectation that this theory will command instant gratitude or understanding within the general population, academic institutions, and/or religious / spiritual paths. This theory is based upon over twenty-five years of shamanic studies and active exploration of the shaman’s world, via Carlos Castaneda’s lineage of teachers and the Divine Order of Melchizedek, with the desire to discover the mystery of life on this planet along with the cause and effect of consciousness upon humans, as well as all species. Eventually, the proof will have to be with the pudding.

To begin, I should detail some basic assumptions that are necessary to embrace the whole of this presentation.

  • Planet Earth and every aspect of this planet is made up of a continuum of conscious expansion and contraction that is constantly in a spiraling motion seeking to reflect back to its Creator a self-reflection of identity and soul knowing.
  • Every human is a spirit / soul energy being that is constant and never ending. Every spirit / soul seeks to know its role within the Dream of this planet. The meaning and purpose of coming to this planet is found in the merging of the spirit of the humans with the spirits of the planet and its cumulative consciousness and intellect. I refer to this cumulative consciousness and intellect as Sacred Organic Intelligence. Its “body” is the Biosphere and its means of communication is the essence of quantum entanglement.
  • Man has sought to subvert this energetic merging process with its own interpretations of Sacred Organic Intelligence by observing it from the outside instead of the inside. Man has sought to justify this posturing and observations by creating thought patterns and theologies based upon the mimicking of Sacred Organic Intelligence and I refer to this as Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the creation of the ego mind and rules the non-indigenous peoples.
  • Beliefs are a “product” of Artificial Intelligence and Knowing is the “product” of merging with Sacred Organic Intelligence. Through our addiction to Artificial Intelligence, we have created an internal and external energetic structure that produces a battle between Beliefs and Knowing. These battles have produced a war and the war has played out on a spiritual stage of evolving dynamics that have produced a level of suffering and dysfunctional-ism from which mankind believes that there is no exit.
  • The planet moves in cycles and patterns wherein Knowing is prevalent followed by another cycle wherein Beliefs are prevalent. On December 21, 2020, we enter into another cycle wherein Beliefs will be replaced with Knowing. Replacement will be an environmental shift of molecular consciousness within the biosphere and the mechanics of quantum entanglement. This will cause all species to have to biologically adapt or perish.

When you are trying to discuss any type of human activity and/or environmental stimuli, with accompanying changes on the planet, that existed over 800+ years ago, you are handicapped. You can view the artifacts left over from those periods, but when you live in an environment wherein Beliefs are dominant, you will project your Beliefs onto the artifacts and then set out to justify your observations. The trouble is that if those artifacts were intended to convey the level of Knowing that existed at that time and you are applying current analysis and observations based upon a Belief systems reality, your efforts may well be in vain.

Based upon a long, deep personal involvement with the shamanic arts and the derived conclusions arrived from this complex and very unordinary discipline, I have come to know the differences between Knowing and Beliefs. I believe that it is imperative that mankind have a basic understanding of these differences for the welfare of the future generations.

An example of someone projecting his or her Beliefs onto an artifact and misconstruing the interpretation is as follows:  I was watching a documentary one night on Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. Some scientist were measuring the layout of the kivas in relationship to certain star systems and annual sun posturing in an attempt to reach some conclusions about the people who lived there thousands of years ago. One of the perplexing questions was how these people could have existed in this barren and wind whipped desert without any recognizable water source or agricultural base. In the process of researching this question, they interviewed a local Hopi Indian who claimed to have knowledge of the area. He told the interviewer that Chaco Canyon, many years back, had very powerful spiritual people who could control Nature and they used this power to provide the water and an agricultural base required to live there. Listening to the words that this Hopi spoke convinced me that he was trying to interpret the Knowing that existed in Chaco Canyon back when it was active with Beliefs held today. From my Knowing, my interpretation of the people living in Chaco was that they had a co-creational relationship with Nature and, through this mutual respect and honoring, they were able to work with the forces of Nature to create. Nobody controls Nature on any level.

My personal experience with this theory is a subjective experience. I was challenged to sit in the desert and conjure up a rain cloud with my medicine pipe. Because I was a creature of my Beliefs then, I was a miserable failure at the ceremony. After several tries, I eventually opened my heart and self-concepts to the wonder of the event and Nature responded with a rain cloud. Before She would respond to me, I had to step out of my ego mind, let go of my expectations which were rooted in Beliefs, and open my mind, heart, soul, and spirit to Knowing. I had to trust my innocence. Nobody controls Nature.

Notice the difference in the words that I use versus the words chosen by the Hopi. He used “patriarchal” words such as powerful, power, and control. I am using co-creation, mutual respect, honoring and create…feminine energy descriptors. There are worlds of differences between these words and how they relate to the truth of these ancient peoples versus our present day culture. Because we live in a church / state alliance of patriarchal power, the words chosen by the Hope are more familiar to us and more reasonable…within the limits of our current imaginations. However, the words that I chose are vastly different and project a picture of these people that is difficult to hold. What is co-creation with Nature? How and why would someone respect and honor Nature to produce water and food? How does this figure in the survival of these ancient people on a desolate and wind whipped desert? Am I implying that these people of Chaco could enlist Nature to perform in a certain capacity? The answers are the defining points of the differences between Knowing and Beliefs. The importance in learning these differences is so that we can both welcome and embrace the return of the conscious environment that these people in Chaco Canyon knew intimately. This is also a picture of the rise in Feminine power versus the rise of the power of the woman. This perceptional difference is very important for the future.

Cultures that lived within the awareness of Knowing had a palatable and intimate relationship with their natural environment.  This palatable and intimate relationship held as much importance, if not more, than any other aspect of their lives. Literally, their survival depended upon this Knowing relationship. The art of refining and developing this relationship was the center of all of these ancient civilizations.  (i.e. Mayan, Toltec, Olmec, Anasazi, Mimbres, etc.)

Their classification of what they were experiencing probably didn’t include the word “Knowing”. For us the word Knowing is as close as we can come to a verb that approaches the state of awareness that enlivened these ancient cultures. Knowing was the basis for all of their survival needs as well as spiritual and ceremonial practices. As a Christian, I could say that it was God’s Grace. I find that bringing God’s Grace down to a more concise definition of “Knowing” as it exist in the natural world seems to make the presence more palatable, as well as historically accurate. I often say that Sacred Organic Intelligence is the driver and God is the destination. However one wants to label it or classify it, the important thing to understand here is that this energetic presence has been here before and it is going to be here again with a renewed presence unlike anything ever experienced on this planet previously. It is important that we understand this presence so that we can properly merge with it instead of ignoring it and suffering the consequences of that arrogance. Just because this hypothesis does not sit comfortably inside of any particular academic or religious platform of Beliefs, or has any widespread recognition other than in the indigenous cultures, does not automatically classify it as primitive or inconsequential. Regardless of who or why anyone is judging this presence with their choice of filters, the most important “take away” from this text is to accept the possibility that this massive shift of energy on this planet is coming to us sooner than later and we had better be prepared.

Walking into a discussion on the presence of God is dangerous territory. You automatically know that you are inviting blowback. The reason that you know blowback is coming is because you know that we all exist in cultures based on Belief systems. Trying to introduce the concept of Knowing into a culture based upon Belief systems is like trying to mix oil and water. It is similar to trying to explain the scent of a rose to someone who has never smelled a flower.

Conversely, if you lived in a culture based on Knowing and you tried to introduce Belief systems, you would be looked upon as completely out of your mind. A culture based on Knowing, Sacred Organic Intelligence Knowing, values truth, trust, and innocence beyond any other human virtues. To suggest that a system based on Organic Knowing should be replaced with one that is based upon a human’s opinion of various systems of Beliefs and that truth sourced from an organic base has no value any longer, would present a picture of horror to those cultures. And it did!

This battle between global phases of Knowing and global phases of Beliefs, which have historically come and gone over and over again, presents a pretty lofty philosophical debate. Trying to define the Mystery of the Creator is a lofty and precarious position to assume. Since cultures based on Knowing had just about as much repulsion from Beliefs as cultures based upon Beliefs has for Knowing, debating the actual historical presence of these two global energetic configurations is probably fruitless. What I am going to do is show the differences between Knowing and Beliefs so that, if this theory is correct, mankind can embrace the approaching changes instead of reacting out of fear and dissonance.

There is a big difference between Sacred Organic Intelligence Knowing (“Knowing”) and Knowledge. Knowledge is the accumulation of a culture’s experiences and disciplines that fashions a structure that defines that culture. Knowing is the process of accessing an Organic (Natural) State of Consciousness, held within the Biosphere, and benefiting from this conscious connection. It is an awareness born of a biological link, or bridge, to an active, Creation-based biological consciousness. It is Divine Awareness manifested out of a conscious, intelligent engagement with the natural flow of biological organic consciousness on this planet. This “flow” can also be termed the collective consciousness of Nature. This collective consciousness of Nature includes and reflects the consciousness of the stars, the planets, and our Sun, as conscious evidence of the presence of God.

Knowing is a function of Creation as expressed through the collective consciousness of Nature. It is never ending and is always in play in a spiraling vortex motion of expanding and contracting energy. The starting point is the zero and the completion point is zero. We are born from the zero and we return to the zero. In between zeros, we learn. Life is never ending and consciousness never disappears. Consciousness simply shifts from one form of energy to another. People can change their minds. People live and die. Knowing can become Knowledge and Knowledge can become Knowing.

Knowing is accessed, held, and expressed within the cellular structures of the plants, animals, and mineral worlds. It is also accessed, held, and expressed within the intentions of the humans and the representations of their interactions. Knowing serves the Light and supports its creative behaviors. Knowing has the potential to hold and transfer awareness from its own circle of self as an independent conscious being. To know Knowing is to open the soul to the hidden truths of the Universe and the Mystery of the Creator. What the scientist call quantum entanglement, shamans call magic. Magic is the voice of nature. Magic can collapse time and space and create an instant level of information in two places simultaneously. The level of intention placed into the engagement with the essence of quantum entanglement will determine the level of response if presented in a co-creational manner. Attempting to enforce one’s Beliefs into the same equation will produce nothing.

The awareness of Knowing produces a return to the beginning with a greater amount of understanding than what was possessed at that beginning. However, Knowing is also a fickle mistress / wife. She will endow you with truth, force you to validate it, and then pull it away so that you have to seek more truths. Mistreat Her and She will leave you.

Armed with this new Knowledge, the ardent student begins another journey into Knowing with the awareness of being able to build upon the truth and/or truths gained previously with the assistance of the expanding and contracting energy of Knowing. This is the essence of co-creation.

When, in my newsletters, I talk about co-creating with Sacred Organic Intelligence, I am speaking of Knowing and its presence within the Organic Matrix of the planet. Knowing is the Knowledge that sets the foundation, building blocks, and evolutionary spirals of the natural world.

Beliefs are the psychological constructs of the human’s attempts to explain and justify existence. Beliefs fit and conform to the beginning time and place of their origin. This can, but often doesn’t, make them either expansive or contracting, yet on a level much smaller and more ineffective than Knowing.  Beliefs are the attempts of man to dominate and control the energy surrounding them without any awareness of the Knowing surrounding them at the same time. Beliefs can be corrupted and misinterpreted when they serve the ego mind of man. The ego mind of man creates Beliefs to justify its existence and fortify or defend one’s fear of death, change, and rebirth. In fact, there isn’t a lot of use for Beliefs other than that narrow scope of purpose. Beliefs serve the darkness, although they can also serve the Light, in that they are the tools of man’s obsession with himself and not with the true purpose of Nature and the continuous presence of Creation. Knowing becomes Beliefs at the moment mankind declares, “Look what I can do”, and then sets out to justify their actions without any conscious awareness of co-creating with Knowing. From that point forward, they are constantly trying to defend their Beliefs…usually against another’s Beliefs.

Knowing comes in the form of the “Ah-ha” moments of self-realization when actualized through the natural order of things. Beliefs are the mental exercise of one who seeks to justify one’s existence and posturing within any cultural and/or social construct. When Knowing is replaced with Beliefs, the combustion quotient can be very volatile. When the humans don’t have any awareness of Organic Knowing and find that their Beliefs are being challenged, they get very defensive. The results can be war, disease, poverty, violence, and a host of other social destructive behaviors as the existing and new Belief systems enslave the soul and spirit of all sentient beings on the planet and place them in direct conflict with the natural order.

The western mind focuses on two aspects of the human to role-play out Beliefs versus Knowing: Personality and Principles. One’s Personality is attached to Beliefs and one’s awareness of Principle is associated with Knowing. People choose to define their personal identity as a Personality when they anchor into Beliefs and people relate more to Principle when they have Knowing. Personality and Principles are usually competitive when Knowing challenges the Beliefs of one person and/or group. Knowing is based on Sacred and Natural Laws and Beliefs are civil, social, religious, and political law. The increasing current conflict between Knowing and Beliefs, evidenced by the civil disorders around the globe, are setting the stage for transference of power away from Personality and Beliefs towards Knowing and Principles.

As the movement from Beliefs to Knowing builds its momentum, we will feel the transference in our bodies in a way very similar to how one feels after a good physical exercise after no measurable activity for a long time. It may feel as though the whole of the body is like a wet rag. You are lethargic and listless. Your muscles are sore and your energy levels are low. You are not sure what to Belief anymore. The immune system is taxed beyond its capacity to function properly. The body has held up these Beliefs and when it is time for them to go, the physical body feels like it is collapsing. Old imprints and injuries may resurface. Old patterns of behavior will definitely be replaced though different degrees of discomfort for different people. If you have an identity that is anchored into your Beliefs, the resistance will dominate your state of transference. This resistance can be quite uncomfortable and challenging. In addition, the effects of the resistance will correspond to the level of spiritual maturity you have choreographed for yourself in this life. If you seek to be a vanguard of spiritual transformation, then the level of discomfort and the challenge of movement will be more intense than for those who have chosen to follow. If you have a strong allegiance to any particular religious institution, especially if it is rooted in a church / state political alliance, both historically and/or currently, your Beliefs are going to be challenged rather dramatically.

To prepare for this transition, there needs to be an active physical regime and purification process that will assist in moving out the Belief systems. Also, one needs to purposefully change patterns of behavior in order to break up the patterns in the body. Where you would typically “jog” right, then purposefully “jog” left. If you are dependent upon any civil, social, religious, and/or political Beliefs, especially if they demand conformity to their shared Beliefs, then you need to actively separate yourself from that dependency. You can have a moral structure without Beliefs. You need to substitute Natural and Sacred Laws that promote individual autonomy and accountability for the Beliefs that you have shouldered out of some need to get approval from others. Knowing has its own moral code and enforcement of behavior expectations that are autonomic and whole in its completeness.

The whole of the Universe is shifting away from group dynamics to individual responsibility and accountability of one’s own spiritual presence and maturity. One’s management of one’s soul and what it means to be an active soul, with Knowing, on this planet is shifting away from religious Beliefs and peer group association. The time to rely on any rituals and/or traditions has passed. That is not to say that you cannot practice specific rituals and traditions, but you must drop the rote practice of conformity to Belief systems out of some false sense of allegiance. Make them your own and insert heart space for repetitive performance. Know thyself!

Religious theology is going to have to shift gears to accommodate this coming environmental shift. We have been studying ancient texts with numerous examples of Knowing and interpreting them with current Beliefs. This lack of Knowing awareness has thrown religion into a competitive rush to justify one’s Beliefs as superior to another’s Beliefs while all along the way having a complete lack of understanding of the Knowing being conveyed. Everyone is at fault and no one branch of religion is guiltier of misinterpretation than another. Life is everlasting!


This is an example of Knowing that I lived: A good friend who knew that I was a student of and a participant in the shamanic arts asked me to help his daughter with a homework assignment. Her professor had given the students different Mayan glyphs to interpret.  Her glyph showed a very large Mayan priest pulling a thorn vine through his tongue with blood spurting all over the place. She asked me what it meant. I dropped into a shamanic trance and communicated with the Knowing of the creator of the glyph and asked it what its intention was. The spirit of the glyph said that it was a message that “the most painful of all lies is the self-lie”. I conveyed this to her and she said that my interpretation was not in alignment with the professor’s interpretations of the Mayan culture which was more warrior dominated. She said that he believed that this was further evidence that the Mayans were a bloodthirsty warring culture. I told her to choose her own truth. She submitted my interpretation and received an A+.

Now, be assured that I didn’t just assume that this glyph said that. I had years of training and numerous ceremonies to my credit by that time. My involvement with Knowing wasn’t surface level by any means. Coming into true alignment with Sacred Organic Intelligence isn’t an overnight or even a yearlong endeavor. It takes training, discipline, and commitment. It isn’t something that you turn on and off. You have to live a lifestyle of purification and dedication in order to co-create with full consciousness in place. Someone recently said that your guardian angels have to take their leave when you do drugs or drink alcohol. This is absolutely true. You can have all types of vices and have Beliefs, but you cannot have vices and know Knowing.

I can speak of Knowing with some authority because I have explored it through years of training and experience. This training allowed me the opportunity to step into a trance, merge with Sacred Organic Intelligence, and receive accurate information on the Mayan glyph. There was no one to impress and no one to manipulate. I was simply asked to offer up an interpretation and I did so. However, this formula is about to turn upside down.

What if the environment on this planet becomes saturated with a trance itself? What if it was possible for everyone to interpret that glyph instantaneously? What if instead of having to train and develop sufficient expertise so that I could separate a random thought born of imagination from an actual spiritual connection that could provide validation, both in the third and fifth dimension, all of us could perform this task with ease and without doubt? Suppose that instead of the shamanic practice of merging with Sacred Organic Intelligence to know Knowing, Sacred Organic Intelligence decided to merge with us. What if the biosphere became suddenly charged by previously unknown rays of cosmic energy from the Sun and that this charge produced a global electromagnetic field of Knowing to turn the tide of not only human consciousness, but animal, insect, plant, and mineral consciousness of the biosphere away from Belief systems and into a blanket Knowing? What degree of madness would ensue in the collective consciousness if this occurred suddenly? Is this transformation happening slowly as we speak? Would a world blanked with Knowing be worse than the endless wars and terrorist actions done in the name of Beliefs? How does one convince the general population of this approaching energy and even consider trying to bring this to the attention of the capital managers so that some program of preparation could be instituted? These are valid questions, even if being presented before their time.

On December 21, 2020 a momentous planetary junction will occur that will impact our earthly environment in a major way. Saturn and Jupiter will “kiss” in the skies and establish a dynamic on our planet that occurs every 800 years. But this time, it will be more intense and more impactful. Knowing is about to slam into our awareness and actually, I believe, function as a “vaccination” against the dark manifestations of Beliefs. Belief systems will forever be a part of our awareness, but they will never stand alone in the future of this planet. The future of Beliefs will forever be colored by Knowing and this will become Knowledge. This is perhaps the greatest news that we can possibly expect as humans. God’s Grace will become a forever presence on this planet and will be palatable to every species. There will never be a need for it to go away unless we take it for granted and refuse to embody co-creation with it on every level of our consciousness. The acknowledgement of quantum entanglement by the science community is the beginning of their willingness and ability to prove co-creation as a basis and vital factor in the future survival of our species. Then, the proof will be in the pudding.


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