Moving into the Fifth World

Moving into the Fifth World

by Frank Stronghorse

Moving into the Fifth World can best be described as a transformation from a past wherein humans were neither sacred nor had incorporated much of what leads a person to become truly human. Sacred in this text definition is more about becoming a natural part of the natural energies of this planet and thus be able to operate on all levels in harmony within Sacred Law. The First Sacred Law is “Maximum Effect with Minimum Effort.” The only way to completely understand this law is to step into and operate completely within the boundaries of a Sacred Human. Religion has created their own definition of a Sacred Human and placed these beings in a place which seems both unreachable and completely out of context within the modern world. You have many people acting as though they are attempting to be Sacred Humans, through a moral, mental, emotional, and dogmatic fashion, but they are not operating within the natural world in harmony with the First Sacred Law or any of the other Sacred Laws.

One may ask why is this discussion limited to an earthly relationship. In fact. although this is the focus of this aspect of becoming a Sacred Human, the Divine is not lost in this interpretation. Humans have all aspects of the Divine in them, they just need to understand how to birth, recognize, and manifest this Divine energy on this planet. If we were on Sirius, then this discussion would be radically different. We are all about understanding the full ramifications of birthing spirit to substance and substance to spirit. This isn’t an issue on most other planets and galaxies. Earth is special and the challenges vastly different. Therefore, this discussion will focus on our relationship with the Earth versus other aspects of the Divine Universal Mind as it is manifested on other dimensions in other galaxies. This planet is the planet of duality and thus we must understand the totality of the paradoxes as presented to the human on this plane of existence.


Now, this proposes a dilemma for those who seek to attain Sacred Human status without sufficient knowledge and role models to point the way. Of course, as Melchizedeks, and as ones who are on point, we must become the ones who Walk the Talk of a Sacred Human in order to anchor this reality into the physical world. So, without other role models and with a scattered engagement with different spiritual paths which may or may not operate outside of dogma and inside of the First Sacred Law, we have to conquer this complex dilemma. Throw into the mix the implants and the discussion becomes even more convoluted.


According to the Twenty Count of the Twisted Hair Tradition, the number 5 on the count is: Sacred Humans (determiners of spirit, open hearted human to human communication). It works with 10: Sacred Measure of Intellect (all current, potential or possible states of mental awareness–conscious, subconscious, unconscious, and collective conscious.


Following this logic, which was fashioned thousands of years ago by observing nature and recording how nature operated, one must operate within the Sacred Measure of Intellect before one becomes a Sacred Human. Following the movement of cosmic energy within AS ABOVE AND SO BELOW, one must spiritually master 10 in the As Above before one can master 5 in the So Below. Of course, nature does this naturally. Only mankind has separated themselves from this important course of action in order to provide a sense of identity value to their physical existence. This identity value has become consumed by the struggle to survive in a world of Mammon, or in the world as defined by the image makers of the post Industrial Revolution. Now, we have to find a way to return to the natural order without destroying the progress for the overall wellness of mankind that the Industrial Revolution brought to mankind. One tends to look at the Industrial Revolution and cast a blanket of guilt, blame and shame upon it and all of the by-products of this era, but much good also came of it. If we are able to focus upon the Sacred Measure of Intellect and thus integrate all aspects of the 10 into all of the bodies of the human, then we will be able to build upon the positive benefits of the Industrial Revolution and take science, education, medicine, etc. to a higher level.


The story goes about the Master who told the student, “Now that you have studied with me for the past 20 years, forget everything that I’ve told you.” Now, why would the Master tell the student that. Because the Master knew that the knowledge had already integrated into the student’s body and now the student needed to let the knowledge do its work. This is the First Sacred Law. Or, as it is said, “The devil is in the details.”

As we move into the Fifth World, many teachers and spiritual paths speak of an energetic shift on the planet. Some have characterized this as an integration of multi-dimensions becoming the norm wherein third dimension is overlaid by fifth. This would be the 10 coming down into the 5. So, if Grandmother Earth is going to go through this transition, what, as Melchizedeks, are our part in this movement?


We must begin to operate within the natural world, to the best of our ability, in order to align with Mother Earth and reflect Her movement within our bodies. This reflection is not about specific ceremonies or specific dogmatic traditions learned from various spiritual paths, it now is about forgetting all about that. The knowledge from the


countless lifetimes as Melchizedeks, on this planet and others, is already in our bodies and DNA. The paths that we’ve followed have been the training wheels that have brought us to this current situation. We now must begin to awaken these memories through the intimate association with Mother Earth. When I speak of intimate, I am speaking of Raw Intimacy. Raw Intimacy is the silent state of being that is without doubt, fear, suspicion, distrust, or pre-conceived notions. Any of the residual energies that you still carry from this life and other lifetimes which still affect your ability to manifest Raw Intimacy must be discharged through the Forgiveness Ceremony and the chant.


One must concentrate on every thought, word, and deed in terms of does this create Repulsion and Opposition or does it create Attraction and Raw Intimacy?

Now is the time to forget everything that you once knew. Why? Because if you are still fashioning your life based on past experiences and past awarenesses, then you are not yet capable of sitting inside of silence as the objective observer, seeing yourself, others, and life as a movement of pure energy. You are still using the filters of judgements, comparisons, etc. as a way of bringing value to your illusion of identity. You are meeting the movement of pure energy with Opposition, and you are creating Repulsion. You may have the talent to see energy, but if you are using the filters of past experiences and past awarenesses, then you have cut off Source at that precise moment. You have predetermined the outcome of the energy with which you have chosen to engage and thus trumped the intent of Source which wipes out the ability to become Sacred.


If you are meeting the movement of pure energy with Raw Intimacy, then you are creating Attraction because you are operating within Sacred Law. When you operate within Sacred Law, the Universe opens into the state of unlimited potential and assist you in this movement. You are now inside of 10 and moving towards 5. All possible state of consciousness exist simultaneously within nature. When we separate ourselves from nature, we falsify all possible states of consciousness, our connection to Source, with our own rationalizations. These internal rationalizations create negative thought forms which imprint our bodies with mechanisms that corrupt our innate ability to become one with Source. This is not the intended way of the Humans and it sure isn’t the way of the Sacred Humans.


Becoming Human versus becoming a Sacred Human is a vast difference. Most people will struggle within the Fifth World to just manifest becoming Human. Fewer will manage to accomplish the state and stance of Sacred Human. Eventually, all will reach the state and stance of Sacred Human, but not until the backlash of the years upon years of negative imprints and bodily mechanisms fight against this movement. One can become a Human by becoming a more moral and compassionate person with their fellow humans. But, this does not qualify them as Sacred Humans. Sacred Humans are defined by the willingness, ability, and proven manifestation of connection directly to Source. The validation of this connection is the proven ability to physically manifest love. The God and Goddess merge internally and birth the child of the Universe who sees all, knows all, and physically manifest all in accordance with Sacred Law. They have married their 5 and their 10 to produce 15 Souls of All Humans (Universal Mind; Collective Unconscious into Universal Unconsciousness, “Controlling the Dream”. All matter is “us”. When you are Controlling the Dream, you are physically manifesting love.


A 15 Human is one who is still in the physical, without crossing over into the 16 place, Sacred Avatar, and who Walks the Talk inside of Source. One is the walking example of the pure clear reflection of God within the individual and collective mirror of self reflection. God can now see a clear reflection of all that He is within the human’s ability to physically manifest love. Spirit to substance and substance to spirit.


So, since Grandmother Earth is going to transcend by merging 10 with 5 so that She can become a 15, it is up to us to merge with Her energy and ride the wave. It would be a good idea for you to spend as much time in nature as possible. You don’t need to go into nature with a specific ceremony, although that can also be used, but you should sit quietly in nature and simply observe. Observe what is happening around you and to you energetically. Pray that you merge with the energy of Grandmother Earth and allow yourself to do so. Expand your energy body outward and allow it to absorb the energy in nature. Feel the welcome that is extended to you.


One day I was doing this outside of my house. It was spring and the weather was beginning to warm up. As I lay there in the green grass, I sank down into the earth. I smelled Her, embraced Her, and threw my fibers into Her. The closer I got to Her, the more intense the sensations running through my body. Suddenly I realized that the insects and birds were making noise. I focused into this noise and merged with it. It became apparent to me that they were singing to Her and asking the plant world to wake up. They were telling the plant world that it was time to arise. I merged with this energy and a wonderful light surrounded me. I felt warm, at peace, and one with everything. This is what we are seeking. Sit in silence, observe the energy around you and merge with it. If we can find that place in nature and then figure out how to carry this into our everyday world, we will merge 10 with 5 and become the 15. Do not get concerned about how to accomplish this in your everyday world. If you will continue this practice out in nature, it will automatically transfer to your everyday world.


NW Tenants: How does the above exercise relate to the N.W. Tenants of Compassion, Forgiveness, Mercy, Grace and Love? Someone recently asked me if empathy and compassion wasn’t the same thing. I replied no. I can have compassion for someone, but not have empathy for them. Perhaps it is someone who has hurt me in the past and continues to try and hurt me now. I can have compassion for their soul,


but I won’t birth too much empathy for them. The difference is energy expression. I am the spiritual determiner and therefore I determine which energy I choose to express. This is the definition of Intent.


So, I want to go directly to the center to Love. There is a big difference between “being in love” and “physically manifesting the energy of love”. Being in love is an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual agreement between two or more people who have chosen each other to express this feeling. The expression of this feeling can be shown in a variety of ways. The lack of the expression of this feeling can also be expressed in a variety of ways.


The “physical manifestation of the energy of Love” goes far beyond the expression of “being in love.” When one actualizes the physical manifestation of love, spirit comes into substance and substance goes into spirit in a spiral dance of infinite possibilities. This usually doesn’t “just happen”. It can “just happen” on a momentary basis without intent if one is projecting oneself into beauty, especially the beauty in nature. When love physically manifest, there is a capture of attention that cannot be denied and is overwhelming. When it manifest, you find yourself inside of a “bubble” of energy that has its own intent. When you find yourself inside of this bubble, you must release your intent in favor of the intent of this bubble. This is called the act of surrender within certain paths and the art of “not doing” inside of the Twisted Hair path. In many cases this feeling of loss of control is what keeps people from achieving this state and stance. The lack of trust is what stops them from entering the arena. The lack of trust stems from the inability to discern between “being in love” and “physically manifesting love”. Expectations corrupt the state of “being in love” because the expectations include the ignorance of how to physically manifest love. When one or two people, which pretty much includes everyone, keeps trying to physically manifest love through “being in love”, the lack of knowledge of how to dance energy in order to physically manifest love is what causes untold problems in relationships. The lack of knowledge of how to dance energy is rooted in the lack of knowledge of how spirit operates because no one has been willing to step into that arena. They are too consumed with distrust.


So, one of the most important by-products, or perhaps the central point, of doing the observation of energy in nature is to find that place within you that will allow you to trust spirit that you can physically manifest love through the energy dance of spirit. This energy dance is constantly in play in nature, but you have to be able to transcend third dimension before you can “see” this passion play. You must be able to release your intent in favor of the intent of the energy you are observing. However, as the 10 continues to overlay the 5 to produce the 15 on Grandmother Earth, this energy dance is going to become even more apparent. Humans will find themselves swept up in this energy and for those who can trust and accept the energy dance of spirit, versus go into fear and resist the approaching energy, they will achieve higher and higher levels of awareness, bliss, and the actual physical manifestation of love.


Manifesting love in the physical third dimension by accessing this natural state of being within the fifth dimension may be one of the most important aspects of our work as Melchizedeks. For those who have already experienced fifth dimension in various ceremonies within the Twisted Hair Tradition, this movement will come easier than for those who have very little experience with fifth dimension. However, because all of us have struggled in the third dimensional world and yearn for the connection to spirit in fifth, our intent is inherently strong. This intent needs to be moved out of “being in love” in third dimension and toward physically manifesting love from fifth dimension. This involves some familiarity with magick and the mechanics of accessing fifth dimension in order to pull it into third dimension. However, with the movement of Grandmother Earth towards this natural movement, the wave that we are being asked to ride will assist us in allowing this connection to naturally occur. If we can concentrate on building our connection to Her through the above described interaction with nature, I feel confident that all of us can begin to physically manifest love in third from fifth. We all have this innate ability, we just have to deal with the issue of trust in order to prevent the immediate disconnection to Source from corrupting this effort. And, in fact, the primary intent of the implants was probably to build up the distrust which had the corrupting effect upon our willingness to connect directly to Source.

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