by Frank Stronghorse


Recently I had my attention rather rudely, but profoundly, engaged with the presence of jealousy. Not that jealousy had anything to do with the immediate situation that I was dealing with, but it apparently was the prime cause of something that happened to me many lifetimes ago. Since this particular current lifetime situation was extremely important to me, I decided that I should give jealousy some dreaming attention…especially from the standpoint of Melchizedeks.


We tend to see jealousy as a male/female human emotional aspect of our lives, yet one must also explore this from a spiritual viewpoint. Does jealousy exist among the Hierarchy, Councils, etc.? If so, did jealousy come from the spirit world into the human world or from the human world to the spirit world? Was the implant fashioned 32 billion years ago out of jealousy? Was the Fall and Satan motivated by jealousy? These are important questions. However, regardless of the answers to these questions, the most important question is how do we clean this up.

When I began dreaming with jealousy, I realized that it is much more than a human failing of emotional imbalance. It apparently penetrates much further than simply into the emotional fracturing of relationships. Jealousy can extend into the spiritual community of any gathering of souls and create chaos where chaos should not exist.
Jealousy can ruin friendships from becoming actual trusting and intimate affairs of the heart. The more you think about it the further you realize just how widespread and how penetrating its poison can go.


In order to understand its poison and how it works, perhaps it is best to imagine a pure spiritual being without any hint or history of jealousy and then work the scenario backwards. I would chose Mother Mary. I chose her because I have engaged with her energy so it is more conclusive for me in understanding what jealousy is by feeling what it is not. Unconditional love is what jealousy is not. The difficulty in understanding the full ramifications of this statement is that we have to consider this statement outside of the human condition. We have to picture in our mind’s eye what a pure spirit being would feel like who does not possess any jealousy. For me, I sense and feel a spirit being who is so impeccable in their own circle of self that nothing can interrupt or hinder their full energetic/spiritual expression of the self. Jealousy, to me, feels like something that hinders and/or clogs the full energy expression of the soul’s knowing of itself…the authentic self.

If you can picture the authentic self as the pure essence of God’s love at the exact moment of the soul’s birth, then you can picture how one must rid one’s self of all jealousy in order to return to this place of the impeccable knowing of the true self. Certainly jealousy is not the only human failing that stands in the way of opening ourself to one’s completely expanded spiritual self, but because it is so subtile and almost mischievous, it is a hard energy to grasp and/or identify. Additionally, if you even hint to anyone that you feel that they are jealous, you generally set off a shit storm. At the very least you can expect an argument to break out and at the very worst that person is history in your relationships.


So, why is there such an autonomic and immediate defense mechanism that is set off when the subject of jealousy comes to the forefront? Why does denial suddenly appear in the front of the discussion? From what are we trying to hide? What is it exactly that we are trying to hide? Certainly from a human perspective, jealousy is a trait that humans look down upon and see as a negative human characteristic. Therefore if one is judged as being jealous, then the defense mechanism kicks in and after the immediate effect of feeling insulted takes hold, then the process moves into denial and argumentative statements that generally attempt to paint the accuser as having worst human negative traits. Now, admittedly this is a very broad brush statement and I am sure that the reactions vary widely in delivery and perception, but the fact is that we, as humans, do not like talking about it and certainly don’t cherish the idea of admitting that we sometimes act like a jealous being. Additionally, the mischievous character of jealousy tends to be a human trait that we attempt to hide from others and especially attempt to hide from ourselves. Jealousy has an amazing ability to pull up the darkest aspects of our soul and at the same time assist us in dismissing and denying it.


So, as Melchizedeks, just how does this affect us and why is our awareness and honesty with this emotional blockage so important? Probably the most important aspect of it is that we must function as clear channels and anything that blocks our energy is detrimental to our success. Consequently, it is important that we take a careful and honest inventory of our emotional state, on a constant and consistent basis, to check our willingness to admit to our state of internal jealousy.


The unique aspect of this energy is that as Melchizedeks we obviously have a tendency to find each other lifetime after lifetime. Therefore we have a lot of history with each other in both male and female gender lives. Consequently, one has to be aware of if and when other lifetime energies are bleeding over into the present lifetime. You might find that you are attracted to someone in this lifetime, but in actuality you are trying to duplicate a past lifetime. Or you may find that there is some subtle energy of dislike and/or persistent judgments coming through in this lifetime about someone, but you just can’t put your finger on exactly what it is. The list actually goes on and on. We just have so much history together that it is doubtful that some form of jealousy won’t bleed through at some point and for some obscure reason.


Additionally, there may be some jealousy coming through that has to do with power. Maybe in another lifetime someone was recognized as some particular status person due to the amount of spiritual power they manifested. Perhaps that made others in the Melchizedek community jealous. What are the odds that this cycle might repeat itself in another lifetime? What in that particular lifetime resulted in some form of betrayal?


The point is that there are lots of traps available in the Melchizedek community due to the fact that we all seem to travel together in the same timeline for a commonly held purpose. We have to be on guard about letting ourselves fall into a trap wherein we are repeating old cycles of relationship actions and reactions that may be either positive or negative. If they are positive, you can find yourself acting out of a false like/dislike based on previous lifetime experiences that actually becomes a present time charade. If they are negative, you can raise old wounds and engage in vengeance focused behaviors.


And what about Karma? Suppose you set yourself up in a particular lifetime to deal with your jealousy Karma. Suppose you found yourself placed in exactly the same predicament that created the victim situation from your domination actions in another lifetime. What if your poverty consciousness was tied directly to your previous lifetime of excess and/or jealousy felt against someone else who had more? Cleaning up jealousy Karma is a tricky business. First you have to overcome the temptation to deny the feelings of jealousy. Second, you have to identify the source of your jealousy, Third you have to travel back in time and see for yourself the source of the jealousy. Then you have to do the “give-aways” to disconnect yourself from the previous lifetime.


You may need help in this process because the willingness to automatically slip into denial is amazingly strong. You may actually have managed to cloak your past lifetime transgressions from yourself just in the same way that you cloak present day jealousy from yourself. However, it is vitally important that this action be undertaken in some form so as to release you from the traps of jealousy.



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