Identity Value

The Identity Value Paradox

Keys to Becoming Human

by Frank Stronghorse


The paradox of the Identity Value of the human is rooted in the struggle to solve the complex structure of a spiritual soul being versus a physical soul being.

Identity Value in its current state of consciousness relates more to one’s ability to manifest physical amenities versus manifesting spiritual amenities that enhance one’s experience on planet Earth as a human being. The essence of the paradox is the confusion of the humans to develop discernment between finding complete wholeness in a spiritual world versus a physical world and how and why these competing energies tend to distract from each other versus compliment and nurture one another.

Spiritual amenities can best be described as the ability to master spirit to substance and substance back to spirit. Spirit to substance is the art of mastering one’s dreaming capability in 5th dimension and then physically manifesting the same in 3rd dimension. Mastering this art produces a wholeness in the human of divine proportions because one realizes that one can discover one’s spiritual destiny, or soul contract, and actually pull it from 5th dimension to 3rd dimension. A soul contract is the Original Signature, or agreement, that you made with your Creator at the moment your soul was birthed. When this realization is mastered, one’s competency in mastering the control of one’s life goals on a physical (substance) level enhances one’s competence and comfort level in the spirit level. This is the mastering of the spirit to substance and substance back to spirit that is the core essence of the divine design for the human. Held within this basic spiritual awareness is the multidimensional holographic construct of the soul which produces divine personalities of the soul, including but not limited to the angelic aspect of every human’s soul.


Now, if something steps in between this divine design and interrupts this natural progression of divine guidance, then the mastering of this divine design becomes almost impossible and certainly non-sensible to one’s conscious
perceptions of life. The Identity Value that the human uses to value one’s self is devoid of this divine design. Therefore, one could metaphorically describe this as being in a “white out” of constant and consistent proportions. The Identity Value of one’s spiritual/soul destiny has been clouded over by whatever has stepped in between this spirit to substance and substance to spirit natural ability.


If I step back and view all spiritual healings within which I have been involved, it all boils down to re-establishing one’s Identity Value on a spiritual level as opposed to one’s Identity Value on a physical level. If one is not using one’s divine design to master spirit to substance and substance to spirit, and all of the complex side affects of this divine design, then one is in a “use it or lose it” scenario. When one looses this connection to the divine design of the human, one substitutes all energies towards battling to establish a physical Identity Value in a physical world devoid of spiritual/divine guidance. This leads to a deterioration of the DNA, or sections of the DNA, that then become mutant. They have not been employed and therefore they tend to become dysfunctional as a result of not having a purpose. This then spreads to the brain and all other functions of the body producing sickness, disease, and death.

The by-products of this dysfunctional system development can best be described as extreme separation. This extreme separation leads to a massive number of problems that plague the planet today. It goes from the simple autonomic exercise of jealousy to the extreme act of violence against other souls.
Needless to say, the list is long and cumbersome to discuss here. But, the lack of education of the how and when to employee the divine design of spirit to substance and substance to spirit equates with a core dysfunctional system of the human’s ability to function as a one hearted, one collective mind that is consciously connected to the sacred mind of the Creator. The entire human race is lost in a “white out” of major proportions. They are lost without knowing they are lost and cannot find a way out of their struggle.


So, let’s take a look at how today’s western world model of lifestyles has affected this Identity Value premise. The current fascination with technology is planting the seeds of its own demise. If technology becomes so pervasive in our cultures so as to completely misdirect the attention of the human away from their divine design, there will be a serious blow-back. The forces of darkness can harness the attentions of the human to such a degree as to almost completely evaporate the inner drive to know one’s soul, but they cannot completely destroy
it. Consequently, at some point, the humans will find that they have been driven into the desert of despair without any direction home. This will result in a panic attack that will wipe out technological companies on a widespread financial basis. Do not let the naiveté of your young technological rationality attempt to convince you otherwise. You and your clients are in the children’s phase of technological development. What happens when you move into the adolescent phase of this development? What will rebellion hold out for your projected financial sheets?


The smart CEO can spot problems before they occur. They can plan 5, 10, 50 years down the line for proper resource allocations. Take a hint, you had better begin to put money aside for “smelling the roses”. You can attempt to deal with this by providing colorful slides and other childish decor in your corporate atmospheres in order to appear to be “hip”, but the real problems have not even begun to appear. Unless you have addressed this massive spiritual hunger, you are simply out of business and you don’t even know it yet.

All organic, sentient beings will eventually have to adapt to their environment or disappear. If there is no God, or if you do not believe that there is a God, or Creator, and that this “concept” has no impact on our environment, then you don’t really need to read any further. However, if you do believe that their is a higher consciousness driving this human experiment, then perhaps you had better pay attention. On the barest, simplest biological scale, cells react to energy vibrations. Cells communicate to other cells. It is a proven fact that if a disease invades a forest, the outer trees can communicate to the inner trees of the forest the presence of the invasion and alert the inner trees as to what immunities to awaken in order to prepare for the disease. Our bodies function in the same manner, we just don’t pay as much attention to the alerts as the trees. When violent actions are unleashed on our children, we wail and cry at the uselessness of the event and the waste of the lives, but cannot fashion any plausible common cause. I suppose when everyone is exposed to the same disease, one has a problem identifying the outside causation.

So, assuming that some of this is valid, then one will have to assume that the overbearing absorption of technology into our biological bodies will, at some point, set off alarm bells in the cellular structure. If our planet is evolving out of Her child/adolescence phase of development and into a more mature adult consciousness, well then, you can bet that this is going to affect the humans on some level. Every living thing must adapt to their environment or perish. If this passage is in the realm of spiritual maturity, as many of the indigenous prophets have declared, then the humans are going to have to adapt. What happens to your technology when the humans begin to realize in mass that they have lost their connection to their souls? Are you paying attention?


Identity Value of the human is vital to their survival adaptability, especially in the Western world of industrialization. It is going to become vital that leaders in the technology sector apply their resources to programs which endeavor to assist the human in developing both their physical and spiritual Identity Value quotient. Unless this imbalance is immediately addressed by the benefactors of this technology revolution, their magical ride is soon to be over. Not only will the moral decay and minimal ethical standards of the technology populations continue to seek ways to sabotage the system as a whole, but the awareness of how technology has robbed the humans of simply being human will continue to surface.


There use to be a time when the word was not only the highest form of human expression, but it was a carefully managed construct that consciously connected mankind to the sacred place of time and space. If you know anything about the Essenes, they took this practice very seriously. One was very careful as to how one expressed themselves to others and what words were chosen to create the communication. This was seen as not only a reflection of the present condition of the soul, but also of the direction in which the soul was progressing. Today’s technology has dumbed down this equation to a level of ridiculous miming of the most obscene thoughts, actions, and deeds so as to prove that the soul is worthless and of no concern. The Oral Traditions of the indigenous people were the primary method of passing along knowledge and therefore held in the highest regard as sacred and worthy of the most careful consideration. Today any knowledge, regardless of how worthy or worthless, is treated in the same manner. Therefore, the people have no anchor into what is meaningful and what is of no consequence. They are covered up with worthless information that is passed off as knowledge and delivered in a manner that mocks its own essence. Where do you suppose that is going to take us? What do you suppose that is going to do the Identity Value of mankind? One would have to wonder if this massive indoctrination of the collective mindset in this careless manner does not in some way contribute to the inexplicable acts of violent reactions we are seeing in today’s world among the children.

The Essenes also refereed to those outside of their compound, which was supposedly located on the north shore of the Dead Sea, as the “lovers of smooth things.” Obviously these ascetics lived a life devoid of all “guilty pleasures”, but one has to consider that becoming a “lover of smooth things” might not be as healthy as it is presented to be. If the human is overly invested in a paradigm that places too much credibility on the “safety and security” of the populations through the management of fear, then perhaps one’s identity values needs to be reconsidered. Artificial intelligence can only take a human being so far and then they must integrate Organic Intelligence or the deterioration of their DNA, ETA, and RNA will eventually turn them into helpless, soulless beings and then the “human experiment” will be considered over.

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  1. I fully agree, but I also think that this kind of understanding is beyond the reach of most humans alive at any time, the infant souls, the young souls, the middle age souls . . . in our lives as mature souls we begin to understand an inkling of this . . . it may not be possible to see it clearly until we have struggled our way through many lives and have become old souls drawing upon many centuries or millennia of deep, subconscious and semiconscious memories . . . just as the first grader is not yet able to read and understand the Meditations of Marcus Arelius . . . he must learn to read first, and he must live long enough so that Arelius’ meditations live in a comprehensible context for him . . . as a child, the meditations of a man facing the end of his lifetime 2,000 years ago, reflecting on what he has done and learned, are nearly incomprehensible . . . beyond his experiential context . . .

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