Four Enemies of the Human


Four Enemies of the Human

by Frank Stronghorse


(These teachings came to me via Harley Swiftdeer and the Twisted Hair Medicine Society of Turtle Island)

There are four basic enemies of the human which work to keep them from fully engaging with their spirit/soul selves. These enemies are common to all humans, yet they present themselves to every human on different levels and with different disguises. These enemies are Fear, Clarity, Power, and Death/old age.


These enemies create doubt in the minds of mankind and this doubt tends to redirect one’s true higher purpose, or authentic self, away from an intimate relationship with the web of life and into a concentrated need for personal power and prestige. This separation creates a void that increases the illusions of the need to entertain one’s self with these enemies instead of becoming the authentic self that is inside of the destiny of mankind.

The enemy of fear is defeated through humility. The enemy of clarity is defeated through humor. The enemy of power is defeated through harmony and balance. The enemy of death and old age is defeated through honor and honesty.


Fear, clarity, power, and death/old age are enemies of the human unless the human learns how to make them allies. Allies serve the higher purpose of mankind and enemies seek to defeat it. Allies will create a direct relationship with the web of life and enemies will justify one’s separation from it.


Let’s examine this in depth. Fear is an internally self manufactured illusion. This internal mechanism can either serve your highest good or it can take away from it. If fear is necessary in a situation to alert you to possible danger, then it is serving you as long as you are prepared to deal with the approaching danger. However, if this same internal mechanism of flight or fight is creating a sense of undue alarm to an illusion of danger, then it is not serving your highest good. For example: if you come to the realization that death is simply a movement from one state of consciousness to another state of consciousness and thus is not really something to fear, then your perception of life changes dramatically. There is nothing to fear other than fear itself.


Death is not an end to anything, but a beginning to another cycle of living. The awareness of this reality creates an inner humility. You realize that there is a much larger plan of Creation being implemented here than you first thought or were taught.


This awareness also goes a long way to defeating the propaganda of the purveyors of the consciousness of fear. You begin to see their game for what it is instead of being caught in their web of deceit. Humility separates you from the massive deceptions that keep the masses locked down inside the fear of consciousness. Once you have conquered this fear, the consciousness of the web of life elevates you into a higher state of presence as it elevates you out of the dinginess of the consciousness of fear.


Humility creates respect and respect creates allies…especially within the spirit world. Within the spirit world exist ancestors who love you and desire to assist you in the elevation of your higher self and well being. You have spirit guides in the spirit world that seek to teach, protect, and also assist in the elevation of your higher self.
There are thousands of angels and councils of elders waiting for you to escape your fear of consciousness and join them in the protection of, nurturing of, and elevation of the web of life on this planet. It is only you and your fear that is holding up this program.


Clarity is defeated by the use of humor. I once had a student who was coming to me for counseling. I was going over this with him when he interrupted me and asked how clarity could possibly be an enemy. This particular individual had been a very successful financial advisor and then lost everything due to an economic collapse together with some personal addiction problems. He once had a penthouse office in a major office tower in Dallas, Texas, drove a Rolls Royce, and dated the richest and most sought after Dallas socialites. After he lost everything, that, of course, changed. So, I looked at him and said, “When you had the penthouse office and the Rolls Royce, you felt that you had everything pretty much figured out, right?” “Yeah,” he replied. “I suppose I did.” “How’s that working out for you now?” I answered.


Of course, he immediately got it. When we are caught up in our own illusions of self importance, we think that we have “figured it out”. When that cycle of the life experience passes and the things that we held onto to justify our self importance are stripped away, we find that doubt in ourselves and our world increases dramatically.
If we can maintain a sense of humor with ourselves and never take ourselves seriously, then we can defeat the enemy of clarity. We learn that around every corner is another lesson in life for us to gain. We laugh at our mistakes and take them as learning lessons. We find humor in our lessons and thus set the stage for another platform of life lessons. This cumulative progress allows us to become infatuated with the world outside of ourselves instead of constantly seeking to justify ourselves to others.


The enemy of power is defeated through balance and harmony. When you are not aligned with the organic intelligence of this planet through the awareness of balance and harmony with all living things, your soul feels lost and in chaos. In a desperate need to try and compensate for this empty feeling, you will tend towards accumulating power over things as a means of achieving self worth. At the end of the day, power sought on this level serves only to lessen one’s attraction to the substance of life on this planet and offers only shallow realizations of self, life and others. Power sought through domination is only a lame excuse to frame your life as worthy of praise and respect while sacrificing the true substance of a soul fulfilled within the stream of livingness on this planet. Balance and harmony refers to a sense of self respect born of the willingness to respect and honor all living things. In this way, one receives more than one gives through the 0-9 law of Attraction. All of nature “dances” energy together and only man is outside of this loop of divine awareness and thus subject to the domination of a false power and a false god as substitutes for the neediness of their empty souls.


The enemy of death and old age is defeated through honor and honesty. As physical beings we tend to wear out our physical beings by over compensating for energy depletion through the adaptation of bad habits. Honor and honesty refers to an attitude of being in alignment with all of God’s Creation and respecting all living things on this planet. In this way you find that you will gain energy through the push and pull of the energy of this planet and all of the living beings who inhabit it. When you honor and respect through the display of honesty with all of God’s Creation you live your life in slow motion within Sacred Law. The first Sacred Law is “maximum affect with minimum effort”. This Sacred Law refers to the ability to manage your life without wasting energy on useless things and useless energy vampires. You develop a sense of discernment within your community of how and what to do without wasting yourself in the pursuit of what others expect of you. You can only have expectations of yourself and manage your life from this perspective with honor and honesty.



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  1. Thank you Frank,

    For giving us this gift of Clarity!

    I’ll suggest True Clarity, and False Clarity . . . True Clarity destroys the enemies of Fear, False Clarity, Power, and Death . . . False Clarity is thinking you got it all figgered, True Clarity is knowing you don’t . . .

    As Socrates put it, The wise man knows he is a fool . . . the foolish man thinks he is wise . . .

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