Artificial versus Organic Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence versus Organic Intelligence

By Frank Stronghorse


The thread of consciousness running through any of the various experiments to establish a planet within any galaxy where spirit transforms into substance and substance transforms back into spirit, the perfect mirror for the Creator, has often resulted in failure solely because the subjects have overridden the natural, organic spirit transformative process established by the Creator with their own interpretations. Or, in more simplified terms. God’s plans of the natural, organic method of spiritual transformation are corrupted by the implementation of artificial intellectual interpretations. On planet earth, we can summarize this as the application of artificial intelligence over organic intelligence.


Organic intelligence can best be described in this planet’s semantics as Nature. Nature forms the foundation and the alchemy of all change and transformation on the planet that is ordained by God for the proper alignment of spirit to substance and substance back to spirit. Organic energy produces the magic of the natural interaction of the elements of this planet and the energy they produce. Organic intelligence births both physical and spiritual life. It controls the death, movement, rebirth, and life cycle of Creation….which is, at the end of the day, the process of dreaming. It has within it a “fail-safe” intelligence that prevents organic intelligence from ever being totally destroyed and it knows itself better than humans know themselves.

Artificial intelligence can best be described as man’s attempts to override this natural paradigm with intellectual and emotional patterns and plans that have no correlation to the natural order of the alchemical basis of the planet. It contains within itself a self-righteousness that is self-perpetuating and adverse to challenge.


Metaphorically speaking, artificial intelligence, at a very base level, would sound like this: “Hello folks, welcome to Sparky’s restaurant, my name is Cliff and I’ll be your server tonight.” Now, you may laugh at that….or not, but let it sink in a little. This way of approaching customers is the perfect example of how corporations operate and believe that they are suppose to operate. Because they have no organic engagement with spirit to substance and substance to spirit, they manufacture this person-to-person non-substantive approach and attempt to sell it to their supporters. This objective, coarse attempt to mimic natural behavior is the foundation of the corporate mind set. Their supporters buy into this foundation of falsehoods and objective status relationship because they are led to believe that this is their only choice. Or they rebel against it and formulate their own tribal associations which are absent of any organic intelligent consciousness, but full of self-gloating at the fact that they actually believe that they are different.


Artificial intelligence only exist because it is a state of addiction which offers up a false reality with empty rewards that always promises more than it can deliver. It is a belief system which manufactures ideologies that are simply empty and appealing only to the lowest common denominator. The addiction is based upon the false hope that it will somehow and someday fulfill the promises that it has provided. The end goal is to support the lowest common denominator by dumbing down the masses and override the natural order of spiritual transformation and transcendence of God’s children. This is implemented both consciously and unconsciously by the purveyors of artificial intelligence.


The process of spirit to substance and substance back to spirit is an alchemical blend of multidimensional energies which carry within it the true presence and essence of God. It is the process within which we dream with God. That which is of God can never be destroyed. Therefore, the spirit of God, alas the spirit of Nature, can never be destroyed and thus is energy which is constantly on the move. But, to what end is this energy both present and on the move? To what end are you present and always on the move? There are only two correlations to consider: Either the spirit of you and the spirit of God have some type of similar precepts or you are an illusion of some type of misdirected energetic creation.


The conflict of artificial intelligence versus organic intelligence predates this planet, and all that of the knowledge that is supposedly recorded here. Apparently, based on my personal experience with artificial intelligence, this false creation goes back 32 bBillion years, and maybe even more. The implants disclosed through my healing journey, which were and are the core of the Dark Matrix,; have a historical reference, within the Akashic Records and according to the Divine Order of Melchizedek, that goes back 32 Billion years. The conflict of dark versus light, which engages all of Creation, has this use of artificial intelligence for personal power and personal gain as the basis for the resistance to the presence of organic intelligence. In the Bible, this conflict is is metaphorically described as the Garden of Eden and the temptation of knowledge metaphorically described as the Garden of Eden and the temptation of knowledge.


Knowledge which is organic in Nature and supportive of the natural evolution of alchemy upon any physical presence is knowledge worth keeping. This knowledge usually is self-generated knowledge when engaged with Nature and occurs when a particular moment or level of consciousness raising engagement touches the essence of the soul. The soul naturally recognizes this nurturing essence and responds with a reflective consideration that anchors into the soul essence and the dreaming journey of that soul. The dreaming energy experienced by the soul immediately triggers an automatic response of authenticity that is both familiar and re-energizing.


Artificial intelligence, while attempting to mimimic this organic intelligence, seeks to satisfy the unquenchable needs of the mind and has very little impact on the soul other than the support for the physical vessel within which it resides. Artificial intelligence crosses the line when it attempts to present itself as a substitute for the nurturing essence of organic intelligence. Herein lies the conflict within the religious and spiritual institutions of man. Complete focus upon the self-created artificial intellect by the self-congratulating intelligentsia of modern man has robbed the process of the natural movement of spirit to substance and substance to spirit of its organic nature. These institutions have fostered this conflict by trying to implement artificial intelligence oriented doctrine and theology as the truth. This loss has formed the basis of all types of social and cultural conflicts. A soul lacking nurturing is a purpose-less spirit tormented and lost within the void. No amount of dogmatic hyperbole can offer us an adequate substitute for this inner void and external dilemma.


If the soul is not nourished by artificial intelligence, then, why would it be present in any reality? Artificial intelligence offers to mankind the opportunity to engage in an expanded awareness of the organic intellectual nature of mankind and thus manifest in the many different ways the birth of the combination of these two intellectual exercises. Writing this paper would not be possible without an experiential exposure to both artificial intelligence and organic intelligence. Providing this, hopefully thought provoking message, is simply a contribution to the collective mind in order to spark a connection within this great matrix of expanded intelligence that moves one and/or many to awaken
into both of these camps of intellectual exploration. Artificial intelligence allows me the medium to express these thoughts and perhaps reach others though some type of publishing instruments,; but on an organic intelligence level, this message is relayed to the associated species as it is written through the conscious connections that is known by man as the Universal Mind. Dreams and thought forms are the structural basis of both the natural organic intelligence of this world and the physical manifestations of the organic intelligence.


One realizes that the overwhelming dominance of the artificial intelligence, and its lack of nourishing qualities for the soul, immediately empties the spirit of any possibility of redeeming qualities or the re-energizing of itself within the context of the artificial intelligence. However, the underlying organic nature intelligence is automatically deciphering this artificial intelligence and retaining the subject matter to which it is naturally attracted because of its nourishing qualities. Even in the most hopeless and darkest of moments there lies underneath and within the Universal mind nature of these moments, some type of organic intelligence that, even in the most minute of amounts, collectively amounts to a large quotient. It is the refusal of mankind to look for and recognize these organic intelligence moments that cost him the beneficial effects and the nourishment that his soul requires. Man refuses to engage with energy in any meaningful receptive way and thus is constantly attempting to prove that allegiance to artificial intelligence, in all of its manifestations, is simply the only requirement of human existence.


As an example: The Native Americans, or more specifically the Twisted Hairs, had a term that they used called “dancing energy”. Dancing energy referred to the act of a sexual union. When a couple got together socially and sexually, they would not focus specifically on just the physical experience, they would also focus upon the merging of the spirit/energy bodies. The spirit energy bodies of each individual would be subtlety used to move the sexual union out of the physical realm and into the spiritual realm. As they engaged with each other through breath, touch, and movement, they would focus on the subtle movements of each other’s energy as well as their own. The woman would lead the process and with both verbal commands and energetic commands, she would softly choreograph the sexual union “dance”. Within the spiritual realm, the “dancing of energy” produces an euphoric state of dreaming within which the most proficient individuals of this sexual technique could actually dream themselves into each other’s soul and travel beyond this physical dimension into multidimensional levels of organic intelligence;, which, by-the-way, is exactly how the natural world behaves. Man is the only being outside of the natural movement of energy on this planet.


Those who are consumed with simply seeing the world through the eyes of the artificial intelligence would have no idea what I am describing. They would attempt to reach these artificial states of sexual euphoria by substituting the act of dancing energy with pornography, domination, control, and a myriad of other alternative sexual simulators which are artificial in nature. The artificial stimulators will never approach the sexual union born of the conscious connection to the organic intelligence of the spirit/soul of man. The soul seeks to nourish itself with communion with other souls, just as humans are physically social beings. Our ignorance of organic intelligence and its proper use have steered our sexual lives into chaotic darkness and produced some of the most twisted evil behaviors ever witnessed on any planet. The purveyors of artificial intelligence, who subsist on a diet of fantasy and illusion in their plastic worlds, cannot comprehend the degree of damage that they are causing to the human race, not to mention the other worlds of Mother Earth. They have invested way too much in artificial intelligence and made that model their god.

As the world continues to be locked in religious extremist violence, this argument of artificial intelligence versus organic intelligence may well define the core problem at hand. The media and the various self-appointed religious zealot representatives have cast their shadows into the semantic classification of dogma and ancient text justifications, but at the heart of the matter, whether they know it or not, is this dominance of artificial intelligence over organic intelligence. Or, in their vocabulary, it is their perception of the absence of God within the western cultures which has formed the basis of their zealot ranting. In fact, it is this imbalance of artificial intelligence over organic intelligence which is causing an imbalance in the Universal Mind of the collective which is being used to form the foundation of all terrorist activities. Seeking to solve this energetic imbalance through the application of more and ever more costly layers of artificial intelligence is the height of folly, although obviously very profitable.

Artificial intelligence is the basis that men use to accumulate personal power through the domination of others. Whole systems have been created over the millenniums that seek to establish artificial intelligence as the only concept worth worshiping. The fear of loss of physical survival became the tool of domination which these seekers of personal power employed to further their aims. The fear of the freedom granted the masses through the awareness of organic intelligence has historically been seen as a threat to the elite rulers. The degree of personal satisfaction which one achieves in mastering organic intelligence is vastly more rewarding than anything artificial intelligence can offer and this threatens the masters of artificial intelligence.


The secret of mastering the process of spirit to substance and substance back to spirit lies in the balance of artificial intelligence with organic intelligence in our everyday consciousness. Artificial intelligence is a fact of life on this planet because we occupy a physical body and have a mind that seeks validation. Organic intelligence is a fact of life because the energy that surrounds and permeates us is a life force which sustains our spiritual nature as well as our physical bodies. Because our history on this planet is extremely short, when considering the overall length of time that man should be occupying this planet, we have been, historically, focusing upon mastering physical survival. Unfortunately, the beings here and outside of our planetary systems who seek to accumulate personal power have worked diligently to subvert our attentions to the presence of organic intelligence and driven us, on both an internal and external level, to occupy ourselves with artificial intelligence. We have invested heavily into systems and beliefs that support the fascination with artificial intelligence and allowed the systems and beliefs that should have been directing us to a broader understanding of the presence of organic intelligence to become slaves to artificial intelligence. However, as the Fifth World approaches, the pendulum is swinging back towards a larger understanding of organic intelligence and how it fits into our consciousness. This will bring major shifts in our scientific, educational, medical, social, cultural, and religious institutions. Technology has progressed so far in such a short period of time that the exact nature of its cost to our overall well- being has not yet been accurately measured. The medium that is used to move spirit to substance and substance back to spirit is love. Love is the catalytic element that alchemy uses to blend energy.


Artificial intelligence cannot address love in the proper context unless the soul is and has been nourished by organic intelligence. Without organic intelligence understood and properly managed, artificial intelligence tries to fill a void that cannot be fulfilled. All types of ideologies, theologies, self-help seminars, guru/cult type of approaches, and various other intellectual and emotion exercises seek to replace the intimate engagement with organic intelligence, but all of them end up empty and only provide a “band-aid” type of relief. Most only offer short terms solutions that end up providing long term pain.


Simply put, you cannot adequately understand the fullness of love until you have developed an intimate engagement with the natural world around you and have immersed yourself into their love. Their love is unconditional and endless. Man’s fear generated self-perceptions have separated him from this loving environment. The constant barrage of information swayed toward artificial intelligence, and only artificial intelligence, supports and embraces fear as the only appropriate substitute for love. One must become desensitized from their overwhelming reliance on artificial intelligence before one can adequately develop an intimate engagement with the alchemical blend of energies surrounding them. The over saturation of electronic and radio waves which feed our addiction to artificial intelligence interfere with our abilities to detect this vital energy for the nourishment of our soul. The stars have lost their meaning. We stare into our electronic devices and avoid our lives in some lame attempt to avoid pain. Pain sharpens your instincts and shapes your character. Our God and the gifts which He has bestowed upon us do not live inside of our phones and computers. We are seeking to become droids without feelings to escape being human.


Although the term “artificial intelligence” covers a broad swath of modern society, when focused upon the technology titans of the world, the term moves out of the realm of a conscious perception of the world and into a more dangerous realm of mind control.


If artificial intelligence has become their god and the awareness of organic intelligence has “left the station,”, then perhaps it is logical to assume that artificial intelligence is moving towards replacing God. Without the need to have organic intelligence, who needs the source? The danger of this movement, and the tech titans who have jumped into a race that has nothing other than their own personal glorification and wealth accumulation as the prime motivator, is that it is a race to the top which is paradoxically the actual bottom. Because artificial intelligence has no redeeming value to the soul of the human, the only rewards are increased innovation and increased obsession with mammon. Lost in this cultural self-righteous race is the awareness of that which is both necessary for the health and well- being of the humans, but also for the merging of the natural elements which lead to man’s divine destiny.


The latest “pitch” coming out of Silicon Valley is that the government is going to have to issue universal income checks to the masses so that these techie titians can proceed with their robot, automation, artificial intelligence worship. Well, isn’t that special?! I wonder how much they think the government is going to pass out since they are doing such a bang up job with health care? What planet do these guys live on? Who wants to support a plan that renders all humans worthless and condemned to a life of slavery to the “masters of social disintegration”? Raise your hands! Hooray, welfare for everyone!


At some point you are going to put your phone down and pay attention to the stars and the trees. I realize that it is a stretch of the imagination to accept that the planet upon which you reside, at Her invitation, is a living, breathing conscious being. But, you are going to learn and accept that She is way more intelligent than you and will outlive you and our species. In case you need to be reminded, nature always wins. The acceptance of organic intelligence can come easy with your acceptance or it can come with difficulty as the timeline begins to expire for you to prove your worth to the planet. Nothing commands the masterful awareness of compassion more than Mother Earth, but there simply is a limit to the acceptance of imbalance. Either you understand balance and how it plays out in your lives or you don’t and will have to keep repeating your painful existence until you get it. Organic intelligence lives and exists inside of a set of sacred laws. Sacred laws rule the Universe and trump (pun intended!) all of man’s civil, social, religious, and cultural laws.


You cannot exist outside of the energy of the planet you inhabit and expect to survive. You can conjure up all types of illogical reasonings and dubious theories, but eventually you have to adapt to your environment. The human mind is a wonderful organism which helps us understand the structure of the world around us, but it does not have the capability to propel us into an intimate relationship with our soul. It takes an awareness and an understanding of the presence of organic intelligence in order to better become aware of and gain an understanding of our spirit/energy soul body.


The natural organic process of spirit to substance and substance back to spirit is important because it provides an evolving system of spirit/soul growth and maturity. Without spirit/soul growth and maturational development, there really isn’t any purpose for the Universe other than a container for the Void. This vital movement of consciousness is open- ended and unlimited in both its vision and its substance. Dreaming provides the vehicle within which the soul seeks unification with their Creator, and a return to their authentic self and the Original Signature of God. Dreaming provides the vision and protocol for physical manifestations of the soul. Vision and physical manifestation represent a mirror of reflection for both the Creator and the souls born of the Creator. In order for this natural movement to reflect the highest and best purpose for the individual and collective souls, they must be unfeathered unfettered and free to explore in their Dreaming vessels. Organic intelligence provides this environment and artificial intelligence, as it is currently fashioned, limits this important access.


God’s Creation is designed to assist in gaining this divine plan as well as providing the ladder of success to expanding into a greater dimension of exploration and adventure of the spirit/soul relationship to any environment. On this planet, Nature is the laboratory within which God’s Creation has taken form to serve this purpose. Abusing and avoiding this truth only leads to an abuse and an avoidance of our soul, which produces massive problems for all sentient beings on this planet. The purveyors of artificial intelligence must coordinate their efforts to advance a better understanding of organic intelligence and a balance with their focus upon artificial intelligence. There needs to be serious investment in preserving, not only natural landscapes, but wilderness tracts which are managed by people with knowledge of Earth Medicine so that the sacred ways of the land can be instituted. These wilderness tracts should become training grounds for ceremonial schools which address the sacred traditions of the indigenous peoples and their ancestors. Without this relationship, artificial intelligence is doomed to failure out of the simple equation that it is out of sync with its natural environment. When, not if, this collapse of the artificial intelligence network occurs, the true value of artificial intelligence will be exposed. Once all systems are down, the only remaining system that is still running will be Nature.

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