Abraham of Melchizedek

Sacred Father, I beckon you hither to accept my words and bring forth your words in a union of Blessed Truth. Being humble in this world gone mad with ego seems an unbearable task of self-punishment, but I release myself into your arms to direct all that is to follow herein.


Sacred Father, it seems so natural for us to turn away from all that you have created here and to be comforted within the physical sense of self, fashioned over the eons of time. We see no need to turn away from this comfort, even when the voice within tells us that this is wrong.


Sacred Father, how are you able to be so patient with us when we ignore all that you have brought before us? How can you remain patient with us when we twist your words to fit our perceptions?


Sacred Father, the times of extreme darkness envelop us with slogans of security and safety. Deliver us from the veil of forgetting and deliver us into complete Freedom.


Sacred Father, through me pass the Eternal Flame of Truth and Light so that my words may find their marks and unbind the belts of energy that keeps us in bondage to the non-believers.


I step into your arms and accept all that you find in your heart to share with us herein. Lead me forth into this night. I AM…as you found me.


Abraham of Melchizedek

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