Frank Stronghorse

Looking Inward and Looking Outward

August 19, 2017

God, the Creator


by Frank Stronghorse


Certainly there is probably no other topic that enlist such a wide variety of emotional responses than a discussion on what and/or who is God. In a world wherein, for thousands of years, the “anointed” representatives of God have place Him in such an abstract position in relation to the human consciousness, there is no wonder that a discussion about God results in such emotional and varied responses. Perhaps if His presence was to become much more energetically familiar to all of us than has previously been known, a lot of the conflicting dialogue would become mute. And, there is a very good chance that this is closer than you think.

For the sake of discussion, let’s start with what God is NOT. In as far as I can determine, God is the All and the Everything which means that there really isn’t anything that God is NOT. However, since mankind has decided to assign various approaches to what God IS and IS NOT, then perhaps we need to examine these approaches.
What bothers me the most about these discussions about God is the seemingly growing consciousness among the young in America that there isn’t any God because the world is so messed up. How can there be a God when there is so much craziness in the world and how could a Supreme Being allow such craziness? First of all, God is NOT Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. In other words, it is not God’s responsibility to manage us and this planet. God is not responsible for the acts of mankind nor is He to be held accountable for the ignorance of mankind. Additionally, God is not suppose to make everything perfection without the cooperation of man. That would be like saying that all relationships between mankind must be based upon the truth that the “other” is going to make everything perfect for the “other”. Therefore, there is no purpose in assigning blame upon God for the past, present, and future of mankind, just as there is no purpose on assigning all guilt, blame, and shame for one’s own choices in life upon the “other”. The wisdom of the Creator is in that man must evolve into a highly mature state of both substance and spiritual awareness before the perfection of man’s relationship with God is such that a co-creational active engagement can begin. Attaining a high level of substance and spiritual awareness does not occur automatically. One must work for it and constantly perfect it. No one currently on the planet can claim to see the end of this journey!!!


Now, one could actually say that yes, indeed, He is responsible because man is God and God is man. But because of the existence of Free Will, this places a sense of responsibility and accountability squarely upon the shoulders of man. Because of the existence of Free Will, a gift from God, man must learn to respect this gift. There is no entitlement in man’s relationship with God, as there apparently is within man’s relationship with mankind. The only human aspect that might appear to be an “entitlement” in man’s relationship with God is the gift of Free Will. Man is endowed with Free Will in order to have the internal and external energy management awareness needed to be able to perfect the creative process of spirit to substance and substance to spirit. Without the ability to perfect this all important assignment from God to man, there really is no reason to have a relationship with God. Following this same logic, there really wouldn’t be any reason to have any relationship with our fellow man either. The ignorance of man’s responsibility to perfect spirit to substance and substance to spirit is the basis of the craziness in the world. If one does not understand one’s role as a creative soul being, the essence of one’s soul, then one is prone towards craziness in order to fashion some type of meaning to one’s existence which is outside of the true meaning of existence. Therefore, the condition of the world is not one of God’s doing, but is the result of man’s doing.


So, the discussion is really not about what God IS or IS NOT. The discussion is about what one does with “IT”. The term “IT” is chosen to be a metaphorical representation of the energy of God and in no way refers to masculine or feminine gender. Now, “IT” has to be defined in terms that are familiar with man in order to provide a reference point upon which one’s attention can be focused in order to be able to engage with God. Engaging removes the manmade barriers of the abstract and brings it down to a perfection of feeling, integrating, and refining the energy of God within the self. I would chose “Benevolent Compassion” as the best definition of “IT”. Without benevolent compassion one is separated from and a stranger to the energy presence in the moment of the “IT”. Without benevolent compassion there is no starting point for co-creation with God or any form of mankind. Benevolent compassion in no way encompasses entitlement. Benevolent compassion sets the stage or foundation upon which one can then begin to work with energy presence of God. This propels the adept into the moment of present time energy awareness and allows one to begin to understand the creational process of spirit to substance and substance to spirit.
Without the presence of benevolent compassion, all arguments, stated positions, illusionary beliefs, inflexible defenses, etc. are simply man’s attempt to foster meaning out of fantasy and illusion. The presence of “IT” has been factored out of the equation. Thus the efforts to enforce one’s own definition of meaning of existence upon another and a means of equating a belief system to one’s own definition of God is a wasted effort of some covert or overt sense of entitlement. When two or more positions of entitlement collide, there is no room for creational movement to occur. Therefore, there is no presence of “IT” in the situation and no possibility of becoming aware of any alternative means of expansion. The road chosen has a dead end before it has even begun.


All of the current polarities on the planet, which have increased in number in recent times, are a direct result of the inability of man to acknowledge, accept, and refine the inherent gift of Free Will in alignment with benevolent compassion. They are all dead ends before the discussions even begin because the limitations of entitlement have already sabotaged the discussions. Unless man’s exercise of spirit to substance and substance to spirit is incorporated into Free Will, then there are no other reference points upon which any discussion can be formulated outside of entitlement.

Any attempt to explain the creational process of spirit to substance and substance to spirit is severely limited if man has no conscious awareness of spirit. This pretty much incorporates 99% of the world’s populations. When one’s focus of attention is solely upon substance, to the exclusion of spirit, and the accumulation of increasing levels of substance or material things, then the expansive qualities of spirit are factored out of the equation. Without the unlimited potentials inherent in the world of spirit, man is confined to the world of substance and the fight to accumulate things within a limited resource. Thus, you have the argument of entitlement as justification for man’s obsession with the physical.


Our planet is a multi-dimensional living being and God is a multi-dimensional living being. Any species that is chosen to inhabit a multi-dimensional world and be a perfect reflection of a multi-dimensional Creator has to be a multi-dimensional being also. Unless you can explore these aspects of yourself, you are left with only a third dimensional perspective which is the material or substance dimension of existence. When you are limited to this singular perspective, your attempts to define meaning of existence and value of identity are limited to this one dimension. One cannot properly exist on a multi-dimensional world and co-create with a multi-dimensional being from a singular dimensional perspective. This situation can be categorized as a fundamental truth.


The fundamental arguments which attempt to enforce this limited one dimensional perspective onto a multi-dimensional planet and multi-dimensional beings leaves a sense of loss within the consciousness of mankind because we instinctively know that the arguments are shallow and unfulfilling. Forget all the violence and obscene gestures that these beings use to gain allegiance to their fantasy and illusions. The substance of their position leaves all humans unfulfilled because there is no address towards spirit in their position. Or, everyone instinctively knows that their characterization of spirit is a false notion which is baseless within the Universal Mind. Consequently, benevolent compassion cannot be incorporated into their beliefs because that would automatically cancel out their arguments and positions of false superiority. Therefore there is no co-creational relationship with “IT”. All souls, regardless of belief systems, know that without a co-creational relationship with their Creator, they are unfulfilled and without a compass that they know they must have.


Finding and becoming a participant in a multi-dimensional world in order to fully understand the essence of one’s own multi-dimensional being is a difficult process in today’s world. Nature and Mother Earth offer the best laboratories within which this process is clearly defined and clearly presented. However, it also takes an internal alchemy of precise proportions and balance before one can accurately discover and begin to play in a multi-dimensional laboratory. I have found this within the ceremonial gateways and processes of the Native American paths. However, realistically, not everyone is going to be willing to step out of their comfort zone and pursue this discovery and adventure by following ancient techniques that were designed specifically to acquaint mankind with the multi-dimensional essence of one’s spirit and soul in a multi-dimensional world through an active engagement with nature. Consequently, in a world where the term “spirit” must be “proved up” by one’s own accounting, yet most are unwilling to participate in the process of stepping out of their comfort zone, then a perplexing problem exist. When this problem is further compounded by the fact that all of today’s cultures and social constructs are fashioned within the sole perception of a third dimensional, physical existence, then the resistances to stepping out of one’s own box of limitations is even further enhanced.


So, if the players won’t come to the game, then you bring the game to the players. In the coming new age of the Fifth World, that is exactly what is going to happen. The multi-dimensional aspects of this living planet and the multi-dimensional aspects of our Creator, as well as the multi-dimensional aspects of the human construct, are going to be brought to the forefront of everyone’s perceptions. It will literally be “in your face”. For those who resist and cling to their third dimensional, physical focus of attention, this will present challenges to them that will make today’s craziness look tame in comparison. We have reached a stage of spiritual evolution on this planet that can no longer afford to have the spiritual determiners of the humans, their soul sense of self, left in the dark. Many pioneers in this transformation have dedicated their lives to being the facilitators to this transformation and have stepped out of their comfort zone to assist in this process. Many have followed. Soon everyone will become players in the process and those who refuse to incorporate benevolent compassion as a foundation of their meaning of existence will find that they are going to have a difficult time.


Everyone and everything on this planet is a product of their environment and when the environment changes, they will either adapt or become extent. This is the nature of things within the magickal alchemical properties of the elemental worlds of this planet. Changing the environment in order to call mankind’s attention to the proper alignment with the creational process of spirit to substance and substance to spirit is the most efficient means of accomplishing this task. Of course, the degree of difficulty that mankind will experience in this transformation is directly related to how man will integrate benevolent compassion into their consciousness. If benevolent compassion becomes the foundation upon which man begins to learn the proper co-creational relationship with God and his fellow man, then the transformation will be short and comfortable. On the other hand, if mankind refuses to change their internal and external energy management systems to accommodate this required change, well, then the process will most likely be very long, very challenging, and very chaotic. Certainly, the game of entitlement is going to become a lost art.


The planet Earth is called the Children’s Planet because it is the place in the Universe wherein the internal and external energetic management systems of mankind will set the stage for not only the evolution of this planet, but all of the Universe as well. Because this is the planet of duality and because of this charge which remains in the lap of mankind, this planet has had more challenges thrown its way than most any other planet. Not that there haven’t been other planets and civilizations which have had their challenges and had to experience the consequences of failure. That has most certainly happened. But, the unique features of this planet have been fashioned specifically for the Grand Design of God to play out to its fullest. As soul spirit beings which inhibit a physical body, we must master both aspects of our human construct in order to fulfill our duty as masters of the creational process of spirit to substance and substance to spirit. This creational process is the master formula for all future Universal expansion. This process is the ultimate dream of the Creator and we are charged with bringing it into full blossom. Unless we can accept benevolent compassion as a legitimate human trait from which all other creational thoughts, actions, and deeds originate, we will not be able to fulfill our soul contract as perfect reflections of our Creator. Unless we can step into our power and accept that we are God and God is us, there is no need to debate the who and what of God. The question is: who and what are we? The next few years and decades will bring this awareness to our full attention.