Frank Stronghorse

Looking Inward and Looking Outward


About the Author:  Frank Stronghorse was born in Dallas, Texas where he graduated from Highland Park High School and then obtained a BS in Finance from the University of South Carolina. In his various travels, he has lived in Atlanta, Sausalito, Los Angles, Phoenix, Dallas, and Austin.  He currently resides on his ranch outside of Austin with his wife Colleen.

In 1986 Stronghorse attended a workshop with Harley Swiftdeer Regean in Texas which was followed up shortly thereafter with a Vision Quest throughout the Southwest portion of the U. S.  He has been an apprentice of Swiftdeer and the warrior/priest path of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Teachings of the Twisted Hairs Tradition of Turtle Island since 1986.  These teachings originated in South and Central America thousands of years ago and come from the lineage of teachers with whom Carlos Castaneda studied.

Stronghorse is a 21-yr. Sun Dancer with the Dreaming Sundance tradition of the Twisted Hairs. Through a series of visions obtained during various ceremonies on Grandmother Earth, Stronghorse was led to explore the history and ancient traditions of the early Christian religion.  As a result of his study and research, he was led to become an apprentice to the priesthood of The Divine Order of Melchizedek. Lord Melchizedek was the first teacher of monotheism which resulted in the formation of most of today’s world’s religions.  Abraham was one of his main students and Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) was eventually another.

From his blending of the shamanic traditions of the Twisted Hairs (Grandmother Earth) and the Christian traditions of The Divine Order of Melchizedek (Father Sky), Stronghorse completed The Mammonite Agenda in 2006 to reflect his conclusions from his many years on these two unique and complex paths.  In this book, Stronghorse attempts to provide a description of a mindset that he believes has corrupted the basic tenants of the original foundation of the true spiritual message of monotheism, and re-directed the world’s religions into a struggle of superstition. Before you can craft a solution, you must understand the problem.  Before you can define the problem, you must see how you participate. This is the focus of intent of  The Mammonite Agenda.

His second book, My Journey Into the Infinite is a personal chronicle of his involvement with his medicine path.  My Journey into the Infinite  This book chronicles his movement from a high rolling commercial real estate broker in Dallas, Texas to a spiritual warrior.  These short stories are presented with a humorous and intimate look into the internal changes which occur to anyone seeking to become reborn within the Light. In addition, he offers insight into the changes that the world will be experiencing over the next several years as the dawn of the new age approaches.  He explains in detail what this new age is about and how it will occur. He also offers exercises to prepare the reader for the new energy now entering our environment.

In The Awakening of Angels, Stronghorse describes a movement of the awakening of the humans into their cosmic destiny. From the perspective of a multi-dimensional world and a multi-dimensional God, Stronghorse presents an argument for a multi-dimensional human construct that is designed for the physical manifestation of the Angelic Body on Grandmother Earth.

Currently Stronghorse is actively working to establish a foundation for the promotion of Inter-faith dialogue, debate, knowledge sharing, and future global spiritual development. An institutional environment with a scholastic format, together with a ceremonial retreat grounds for developing our intimate connection to Grandmother Earth, is a vision of Stronghorse and his associates.  They are actively seeking financial assistance as well as an appropriate physical location for this institution.

In his most recent book, “Searching for the Soul of Tech”, Stronghorse proposes that there is a multidimensional energy (Organic Intelligence) surrounding us and permeating us that is specifically fashioned by the Creator to assist in the evolution of our spirit and soul. He describes  the internal spiritual mechanics that we must engage and develop in order to gain the insight into this energy matrix and apply it to our worldview. More information and book description can be obtained by going to: Searching…

 Organic Intelligence Institute Currently, Stronghorse is working to gain financing for the establishment of the Organic Intelligence Institute. This educational and ceremonial foundation will be for the study and  development of our spiritual heritage and legacy. Stronghorse believes that it is vital for the future of mankind that we establish these natural environment enclaves on Turtle Island as well as on a global scale to both protect and flourish our intimate relationship with Organic Intelligence.



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My Journey into the Infinite

The Awakening of Angels

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